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Paolo's detailed proposal


Matrimandir Gardens - design by Paolo Tommasi August 2002

On August 15th '02, Paolo Tommasi exhibited further elaborations of his designs for the Matrimandir Gardens, - you see them depicted here below.

We here place an excerpt of Paolo's letter to the community where he says:

My professional activities over many years, in the fields of architecture, design, scenography and painting, combined with my love for India and above all for Mother, have all helped me to realise this very complex work that implies, essentially, an inner adherence to the psychic dimensions of the twelve themes given by Mother to the Matrimandir Gardens.

Here it is:

  1. The general plan of the entire area is done on a scale of 1/500, and is accompanied by its own perspective, from a bird's eye view.

  2. All 12 gardens are projected in plan, on a scale of 1/100, along with corresponding perspectives.

  3. In order to determine their links and their natural harmonious interrelation (unity in diversity), they have then been reduced to a scale of 1/200.

Top view of the Garden plan

Bird's eye view of the future Gardens as seen by Paolo

Garden of Existence

Garden of Consciousness

Garden of Bliss

Garden of Light

Garden of Life

Garden of Power

Garden of Wealth

Garden of Utility

Garden of Progress

Garden of Youth

Garden of Harmony

Garden of Perfection


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