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The solar power plant

The important thing is that, the play of the sun on the centre. Because that becomes the symbol, the symbol of the future realisation. - The Mother

The electrical system in the Inner Chamber of Matrimandir needs energy and in particular the heliostat that focusses the ray of light onto the crystal and the reflectors that illuminate it at night.

Presently the local electricity board supplies most of Matrimandir's energy requirements using thermal sources, but for the future we feel that a different energy should be used here. Mother has given clear indications that sunlight is the most appropriate source of energy for India and the Solar Plant in the outer gardens now supplies 20 KW of power towards the general lighting load.

For technical details on the Solar Energy Plant project see the Renewable Energy Section.

During an interview one of the Mother's secretaries recalled, "Regarding coal and oil, the Mother said that both are fossil fuels and so, by their very nature, belong to a dead past. We should look for our energy requirements from things of the present leading into the future. Nuclear energy is obtained by breaking up the nuclei of atoms, and so, in its very principle, is a destructive energy, the force selected by the antagonistic Powers that try for the destruction of the world, the pralaya.

"The Mother said that we should concentrate our research on solar energy. The sun, she said, is the physical sign of the Supramental, the goal towards which we are moving in our Yoga. The sun pours down a tremendous amount of energy, and only a very small fraction of it is being used and almost all of it goes to waste. Particularly in India we are very fortunate in having so much of the glory and blessing of the sun; we should thank God constantly for it, but we do not realise this great boon and sometimes even complain about it. She said that one of the signs of the New Age will be when humanity learns to draw energy from above, from the inexhaustible source of the sun instead of from below by denuding the earth."
[Shyam Kumari, More Vignettes on Sri Aurobindo and Mother]

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