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Update on Matrimandir – December '04

Need for Funds to Complete the Structure

As most design and technical questions have been solved, it is now possible to complete all structures of Matrimandir and make them usable sometime early 2006. Considering the state of studies, it is also possible to complete everything on the future Oval Island , (infrastructure, pathways and Gardens), in 2007. But these targets will only be met if all regular donors keep up with their contribution, or better increase, and if new donors are found and contribute very substantially.

We have clearly entered the completion stages and NOW IS THE TIME for all those who feel a connection with Matrimandir to join hands and together work towards the completion.

We are launching an appeal to all Aurovilians and friends to contribute generously and regularly.

APPEAL FOR FUNDS AND FUND RAISING BY ALL AUROVILIANS FOR MATRIMANDIR : All Aurovilians are invited to participate in this final push to finish the structure. Please donate generously by one time donations or regular contributions through the Financial Service account of Matrimandir no. 2090

Foreign Currency or Indian Rupees donations can be made by cheque or DD favouring “Matrimandir” and given at Matrimandir office.

Tentative time schedule for the completion of all structures on the future MM Island :

We share here with you our objectives, but please remember that experience has often shown how futile it can be to state any completion date, even for specific areas of work.

  • Inner Chamber: Will be closed for modifications sometime after March 1 st 2005 for 3 months
  • Inside Matrimandir: Should be completed early 2006 – provided everything goes as planned.
  • Top of MM's roof: Works there (new heliostat, a new crane invisible when folded, etc.) should start in January 2005 and be complete some months later.
  • Matrimandir's outer face: Is highly unlikely to be complete in the first half of 2006, but it is still very difficult to know how much time this work will really take (see below).
  • North entrance with all its features: Early 2006.
  • Area below Matrimandir: Lotus pond & surrounding area and MM's outer face: Late 2005.
  • Pathways below Matrimandir and within 1 st circular Pathway : Mid 2005.
  • Large petals and their Meditation Rooms : 4 shall be complete and usable in February 2005 – before the closing of the Inner Chamber. (At first only 2 will be air-conditioned.) Others will be open when complete. All 12 should be complete and usable in the second half of 2005.
  • Last small petal (Perfection): Construction started last month and will take a few months.
  • Amphitheatre: Completed in August 2004 – except for its underground spaces.

Work in the gardens:

Though our priority is now to complete the main structures, we are also getting ready to take up other works (infrastructure, pathways, gardens) on the future Oval Island .

The pathways surrounding the garden of Bliss are now complete and we have just started marking the pathways and levelling the Garden of Unity (by the banyan tree).

Studies for the infrastructure and for the gardens are also going on simultaneously.


Renewal of the water proofing membrane covering Matrimandir.

Matrimandir's entire water proofing membrane ( Kemperol) needs to be renewed. As reported earlier, engineers from Kemper System , who had supplied the material, found that the primer that was used has decomposed and is thus not bonding anymore Kemperol and masonry structure. Kemper acknowledged that they had wrongly advised to use this particular primer and thus agreed to cover all repair works under their 15-year guarantee. Work started late March 2004; it implies removing all the disks, removing the non-sticking Kemperol , sandblasting the masonry structure, applying several coats of different stuff (epoxy primer, then Kemperol and then paint), and putting all the disks back. Kemperol should only be applied when the weather is neither too hot, nor too humid. This ongoing work requires a lot of scaffolding movements. Hopefully this problem won't postpone the completion of the inside of Matrimandir.

The Kemperol has now been renewed in the lower part of the structure and we are now renewing it by quarter, starting with the entire NE quadrant and will then rotate anti-clockwise (NW, SW & SE). At the same time, we are putting back the disks which had been removed from the SE quadrant and putting disks which were never installed, starting from below Matrimandir.

The Matrimandir Team

M A T R I M A N D I R - A U R O V I L L E   6 0 5 1 0 1 -
T A M I L N A D U - I N D I A
Tel. (91) (0413) 262-2268 (sectt); 262-2228 (finance); 262-2153
(workshop); 262-2373 (info). FAX: (91) (0413) 262-2053;

email: matrimandir@auroville.org.in

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