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Update on Matrimandir – December 2005

By Matrimandir Executives

The generous monsoon slowed us down a bit, but otherwise works continue to proceed at a fast pace. Completion of all structures and infrastructure within the oval is still expected for the end of 2006.

Inner Chamber, air conditioning and works on top of Matrimandir:
•  All works inside the Inner Chamber, including carpet shampooing, have now been completed – except for the heliostat and the fins of the new AC outlet. It is now ready to be used again for concentration but the light beam will come from electrical spot lights, as the heliostat will only be installed in a few months when the new foldable crane will be installed (it should be shipped from Germany this December).
•  The new AC plant is functioning well and very silently but a small AC (split unit) will be used as long as there will be work on the AC outlet.
•  Works on top of Matrimandir are almost over except for the installation of crane and heliostat.

Other works within the sphere:

•  Marble works are almost finished – except for two massive lintels to be placed above both entrances of the twin staircases at 1 st level for which marble is being procured.
•  Golden tiles still need to be laid on the partitions below the twin central staircases.
•  All the aluminium triangles of the inner skin have been manufactured. Installing them with their white fabric (made of glass fibres) is due to start before the end of the year. Electrical cables for the inner skin lighting will be laid at the same time.
•  All steel parts of the twin spiral ramps have been scraped and re-painted. Re-installing their top and bottom covers is about to begin. Sides and bottom will then be painted in white.
•  The glass parapets of the 2 nd level and twin ramps will only be installed when scaffolding will be removed; that is when the inner skin above it will be installed.
•  Laying a white carpet on the twin spiral ramps will naturally be the last work inside Matrimandir.

Outside face of the sphere:

•  The waterproofing membrane (Kemperol) has now been replaced on three fourth of the entire structure. This work should be completely over sometime in April 2006. •  Golden discs are being put back on the entire northern hemisphere. The southwest quadrant is now without any discs and soon we will start removing discs from the upper part of the southeast quadrant (not on the lower part as Kemperol work there is already complete). Sometime during the summer 2006, Matrimandir will be entirely covered with golden discs.
•  Work on the golden ‘shields' (above, around and below the 4 entrance doors) is proceeding – starting with the North and East entrances.
•  The stainless steel structures of the very large golden discs, which will hang just above the four entrance doors, have all been manufactured in Pune and delivered to the site. A first one (North) has been sent to the ‘Goldinglass' factory in Pondy to receive its golden tiles and a second one (East) has now been installed temporarily before being sent to the same factory. Others will follow.
•  The mechanical workshop is completing the first entrance door (North), which will then be decorated (golden tiles & glass) and equipped with a mechanism that opens it automatically (a similar mechanism is being tested on the East door).
•  ‘Flamed' granite slabs have been laid on the steps of two of the four entrance staircases (N. & S.).

Twelve ‘petals' and their rooms for concentration
•  Equality and Peace : fully complete and in use.
•  Sincerity : complete.
•  Courage, Goodness and Generosity : complete (incl. paint) except for lighting and objects of concentration (a translucent polyester ‘shield' decorated by Shantha).
•  Aspiration, Receptivity and Progress : masonry complete; remains to be done: paint, lighting, object of concentration.
•  Humility, Gratitude and Perseverance : completion work is underway.

•  As can be seen on site, work is progressing well with the pathways. The paving of the pathways on the western side of the oval is yet to be defined.
•  An order has been placed recently for a state of the art fully automatic computer controlled irrigation system for the entire oval. This system includes a meteorological station and humidity sensors. Work is about to begin and will take about three months.
•  The electrical infrastructure is progressing well, together with pathways and irrigation system.

Twelve gardens

Though many proposals have been received for the twelve Gardens, as yet none has reached the state where it can be presented for approval. The Matrimandir Garden Reflection Group intends to invite in December all those interested to a presentation of the present situation and discussion on how to proceed with these twelve gardens and that of Unity. Narad is back in town and very active.

Parks on the future oval

The western part of the oval will be a park with some tall trees (some are there already).  


As yet, there is not even a proposal for a first phase of the lake – probably because all energies are focused on completing first the Matrimandir Oval.

Home > The City > Matrimandir > Construction phases: 2005 > December '05

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