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Matrimandir Newsletter

April 2010


February 28th 2010, was another of those very special days at Matrimandir, for on this day, Auroville's 42nd birthday, the planting of the gardens of Matrimandir took a great step forward. The first twelve hibiscus, plants which The Mother's named “Psychic Power in Existence”, were planted in the first of the twelve gardens, the garden of Existence



There had been that morning a dawn bonfire in the Amphitheatre, -- a collective concentration and celebration of Auroville's birthday. After that large crowd dispersed, a team of our gardeners and volunteers from the Ashram in Pondicherry gathered and, under Narad's guidance, began the first planting of this garden.

Preparation had been going on for weeks leading up to this moment. Dozens of pits had been dug in the red Auroville soil on the contoured slope encircling the central oval of the garden.

Each pit had been filled at the base with a generous mixture of charcoal, coconut fiber and dried leaves, a special mixture to allow for a deep water-holding organic base for each plant. Then the pits and the entire sloped surface were covered over with a 30 cm layer of rich composted soil produced by our highly active and mechanized compost section. A layer of fabric was spread over the soil to keep it in place on the slope and control weed growth while the stabilizing roots of the plants-to-come developed.

On February, 28th just 12 hibiscus shrubs were planted, - 12, the number of perfect manifestation, 12 for the 12 gardens, 12 the number of Mahashakti.

For Narad in particular, this day had been a long time coming, for it was he who in 1968 had been asked by The Mother to prepare himself to come and build the Gardens of the Matrimandir. And indeed, it has been a lifetime of preparation, for him and for so many others who have worked towards this day.

The Matrimandir Nursery, started by Narad and others in 1970 has been built up over the last four decades; the marvelous collections of Hibiscus, Plumeria, orchids, cacti, and many other types of flowers and flowering shrubs which have been cultivated there will one day find their way into the gardens.

Those of you visiting the Matrimandir will notice that the area near the entrance gate has also been landscaped in a special way. Flowers whose spiritual significances were given by the Mother have been planted there so their vibrations may enter into all who aspire for a higher life and have come to the Matrimandir for that purpose. These are some of the flowers: Krishna's Ananda; Beauty of the New Creation; Miracle; Spiritual Speech; Unostentatious certitude ; The Road to the Divine; Divine Presence; Works of Love; Balance; Power of Harmony; Prayer; Alchemy; and Light without Obscurity.

Several smaller tentative plantings have been made in various corners of the Matrimandir garden area over the years, but the planting in Existence garden on Auroville's birthday, and during the days that followed, marked the beginning of the gardens that will surround the Matrimandir in the years to come.

By the end of March, almost 1,000 flowering plants had been carefully planted in the composted soils of the Existence garden. The varieties include, in addition to the delicate pink Hibiscus mentioned above (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis - Psychic power in existence):

Lantana mauve - Emotional beauty in the cells; Asparagus - Spiritual speech; Pentas lanceolata - Psychic light in the material movements; Ixora chinensis pink - Psychic aspiration; Ixora chinensis red - Aspiration in the physical; and Tabernamontana divaricata - Mental purity.

In these pages we present a collage of photos of this planting activity. The atmosphere was always concentrated, handling as we were living plants which had to be loosened from their baked day pots and then set carefully in the pits prepared for them in the garden. The atmosphere too was always filled with great joy, the joy to be finally beginning, to be finally bringing green and the life and colour of flowers to this land that had waited so long for the moment to come.

We are grateful for your continuing offerings which enable us to maintain the Matrimandir and build the gardens. We would like to remind you that the Mother said that the gardens were as important as the Matrimandir itself.



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