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Planning groups

Since 1991, Auroville's Development Group has been overseeing the development of the township. This working group faces a complex job and generally works in close cooperation with the other municipal services in Auroville: Electrical Service, Road Service, Solar Service, Telephone Service, Transport Service, Waste Management Service, Water Service, Land Service, and Auroville's Future (survey and town planning service). All these services have substantial experience and the capacity for further development of Auroville.

Interim Development Council

As the community was confronted with a severe housing shortage these last years, change of policies was called for and a new planning set-up came into being. The Interim Development Council (IDC), as it is called, will focus on the overall planning, policy making and setting of development priorities in accordance with the Auroville Master Plan.

Three planning bodies

According to the Interim Development Council Policy Paper, dated January, 2001, the Development Council is a decision-making body working in collaboration with the Planning Group and the Monitoring Group.
Policies will be created when needed and it should be understood that they are constantly evolving.

Functions of IDC:

  • To identify the needs and propose policies regarding development within Auroville.

  • To receive and review, study and approve (or reject) proposals for all development projects in consultation with the planning group and the monitoring group.

  • To collaborate with the planning group and suggest priorities.

  • To work on the development fund by contacting sources of funding and collaborate on future funding opportunities.

  • To work together with the groups representing environmental, financial, social and other concerns of the larger community and the bio-region.

  • To implement the Master Plan.

Membership IDC:

Aurovilians with experience in various fields of development voluntarily constitute the group. It also includes representatives of other relevant working groups of the community for better communication and collaboration. The members are to show a clear commitment to work within the group process for a minimum of two years.

Monitoring Group

The Monitoring Group helps the Development Council by providing advice on matters pertaining to building applications and follows up on current projects.

Planning Group

The Planning Group studies, evaluates and makes recommendations on the macro level of development in the community, and presents alternatives for consideration to the Development Council.

Four Zone Monitoring Groups

These are monitoring groups for the Industrial Zone, International Zone, Cultural Zone and Residential Zone. Each Zone Group assists the Development Council by providing advice on matters of development pertaining to their zone. Representatives of these groups attend Development Council meetings regularly. Other groups, such as the Green Group and the Beach Group, send representatives as and when needed to work on projects pertaining to their particular concerns.

Function of the Zone Groups

  • Prepare plans for their zone.

  • Monitor projects.

  • Provide advice at the level of infrastructure.


Certain policies regarding development within Auroville have already been formulated and are being followed. Other policies are being created as needed. For example:

  • No stewardship of the land will be proposed in the areas of development within the city limit as defined by the present Master Plan.

  • The main zones, namely Residential, Industrial, International and Cultural and the GreenBelt are the areas where development will be concentrated.

  • Zone groups assist the Development Council in the decision-making process by reviewing project proposals in their zone and making recommendations to the Development Council.

  • Final approval for a project rests with the Development Council, issued after consultation with the zone groups and the community-at-large through a well-publicised feedback process.

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