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April 6, 2001
April 13, 2001

The Study circle has started! On the 6th of April, 25 people gathered for the first session at the SAWCHU building. And in spite of the rains, 17 people met on the 13th April for the second session. The atmosphere was very harmonious and quiet. Everybody is welcome to drop in and join a session even though they might not be able to come every time. Your input is useful in any way. Although the best is to be regular!

The circle is still soaring through the unknown city. It is at a point in time when it is established and is in full action. What kind of place is it then? How does it fulfil our needs? And what are our needs? At night, in the day? Are there streets? Is it green? Where are the people? How do we encounter them..? And what about transport? What transport system do we find over there in the future?

Through the peaceful air of tomorrow, the circle slowly descends towards today. And on its way it is collecting data.
What about a planning exercise in a different mood. You are welcome to join the journey!


for the Study Circle team

A few word about the methodology and what it eventually can achieve at the end. The outline of the method is not the programme of the circle but a first phase of studies.

The purpose is to follow a series of stages that will conclude in constructing various models that express various ideals of the city. Models can also be made - if needed - to illustrate what is undesirable. The method's aim is to learn to observe what mechanisms, or what different combinations of qualities, will allow models to be successful (or unsuccessful). At a later stage, if it is found, an ideal model can be selected and developed. In that case it is possible to devise reference designs that can be proposed to be applied for planning in Auroville.

But the Circle is also an effort to widen the understanding of planning procedures themselves. Therefore a few words about the approach used to arrive at a harmonious working..

The aim is to make the process as impersonal and universal as possible. To express general opinions does not serve that purpose. Instead, in the first sessions, one is requested to identify the various individual qualities that can constitute an ideal condition. These qualities are then selected collectively, without personal references, and categorised according to what is common among them. These categories will then form the first bases of the model-making. By this general selection process and its impersonal applications, the models constructed are not expressions of individual opinions but the sum of selected and combined qualities. This is likely to create some kind of third position that is more complex than the scope of general opinions. From this one can discover what is good in one's opinions but also discover what improvements are needed. The purpose of this whole process is, of course, that we will all grow in our understanding of what is possible in terms of planning, and by that enrich our views.

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