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Forum for town planning


The City Study Circle was initiated in March of this year, 2001, with the purpose of establishing a forum for studies on town planning in the light of Auroville's development. The intention is that sessions will be structured in progressive phases so as to move from ideals to physical realities. It could be a forum for debate at the outset but ought successively to evolve actual planning procedures.

With the approval of the Masterplan in Delhi, a fresh opportunity has presented itself for Auroville to take a good look at its future. As there is no blueprint for the city, the Masterplan is a starting point for far reaching explorations in terms of defining life-quality and sustainability.

This new study group has been named a City Study Circle to emphasise the primary importance of research and analysis in the planning. There is a great need to accumulate, and process, information from both Auroville and the outside world as regards to urban planning. This approach will hopefully be a beginning of a process that will bring new perspectives to our understanding of the essential questions of planning a town of tomorrow.

The Circle is open to all Aurovilians for general input. Nevertheless, the aim is also, as time goes by, to form a working group with committed members. (Original initiative takers of the Circle were Alan, Felix, Helmut and Supriti.)

You find links to the respective reports of the Study Circle, as they are published in the AVNews, on this page. The above introduction is derived from the introduction published in AVNews as well, in March '01.

Contact: felix@auroville.org.in 

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