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May 18, 2001

On the 18th of May 13 people gathered at the SAWCHU building.

As a continuation of our previous discussion on 'mobility', Piero tonight presented the city-plan of Hook, projected onto the south of London with a population of one hundred thousand. The plan was made in the sixties but due to a change of government the city has never materialised.

It was a useful exercise to look at the planning solutions for mobility, housing densities, shops and light industries in neighborhoods of about 7000 residents.

In particular we noted:

  • how pedestrian streets and motorised roads were kept apart with only cul-de-sac roads for motor traffic in the residential areas,

  • how schools and services were located not more than ten minutes walk from the door step, with a distance of about 800 mtr from the peripheral roads to the town centre. ( Equivalent to the distance in AV between the inner and the outer ring roads).

  • that high priority was given to children and youth by neighborhoods being characterised by the evenly spread-out of schools, youth clubs, sports grounds, kindergarten, playgrounds and health centres.

  • that the extensive system of pedestrian streets uniting in the spine of the city centre made a good example of permeability and accessibility for people of all ages to move about in a safe manner.

  • however artificial it seemed, the subterranean traffic system through the city centre indicated a further effort to keep traffic off the streets also in the downtown area.

At the coming session, Lalit will present the plan of Mayapore in Bengal.


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Home > The City > Planning the Township > City Study Circle > Report - May 18, 2001