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October 19, 2001

On the 19th October the Study Circle met at the SAWCHU building, and 11 persons attended. We were happy to see Mr Chamanlal Gupta among us.

Piero brought a seemingly dry subject to the meeting: that of Rules & Regulations for Open Spaces in Cities. He presented a research work published in Rome 1967 that was based upon studies of several European cities. The standards established by this research work are still in effect in Italy today. However, Italian standards are below European average.

The open spaces in cities are classified as Park areas in four categories:

1. Small or neighbourhood parks

2. City parks

3. Spaces for sports, games, playgrounds etc.

4. Social and cultural activities, libraries, services etc.

These fall within two groups, city level and zone level park areas. The following standards are for new developments on zone level:

Residential areas:

a) Small parks m2 3.0
b) Sports m2 3.0
c) Games m2 2.0
d) Playground for children m2 2.0
e) Primary schools m2 6.0
f) Social, cultural activities m2 2.0
g) Streets and parking for the above m2 2.0
m2 20.00 per resident.

The Auroville Masterplan is projecting a population of 40.000 in the Residential zone in Auroville, i.e. 20 m2 per individual would then amount to 80 hectares.

The question was raised whether the Green Belt (in spite of the zoning regulations) could fulfill some of the functions of these open spaces with specific uses, - sports, for instance. But the reality of the Green Belt areas along the Residential Zone is that there already exist several settlements, and, for the future, also a a Service Area is projected there, as well as a traffic node and a cemetery.
The Outer Ring road is also projected to carry heavy traffic and cuts off the Residential Zone from the Green Belt in such a way that it won't be suitable for children to cross freely.

According to the Italian standards, city level park areas should not be further than 1000 mtr distance from residential areas, and zone level park areas should not be further away than 300 mtr from residential areas.


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