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March 2012

Sustainable Regional Plan 2012


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Sustainable Regional Plan for Auroville, Viluppuram and Cuddalore Region

On  Friday 16th March 2012 a well attended workshop on the above team took place in the Conference Room of Auroville’s Town Hall.

The Auroville, Viluppuram, Cuddalore districts of Tamil Nadu are very closely connected to each other through natural resources (water, ecosystems, coastline, etc.), climate, historical links, culture, religion, language, tourism, trade/business, population and transportation. This tightly knit connection calls for a Regional Plan that would benefit this region not just in the urban areas but also in the adjoining rural areas.

With funding assistance from ADEME, organisers of INTACH Pondicherry, PondyCAN and Auroville’s Town Development Council (TDC) have embarked upon an initiative to develop a Sustainable Regional Plan containing the regional development for the entire districts and how to realize its full potential in terms of inclusive economic growth, infrastructure development, tourism and protection of natural resources.



The workshop held on March 16th aimed at promoting economic, social and cultural development as well as preserving and enhancing the natural and cultural resources of the region. The half day workshop with different stakeholders (government officers, experts, urban and rural citizens, NGOs and industrialists) discussed strategies for the objectives mentioned below and to absorb them into the development planning process:

• Increase awareness about the region’s current state of conditions and need for collaborative planning models

• Build a partnership between citizens and stakeholders (government officers, experts, NGOs) of the districts of Auroville, Viluppuram, and Cuddalore

• Identify the key issues, assets, and joint opportunities pertaining to sustainable growth in the Region

• Share knowledge on initiatives, projects (past or ongoing) and proposals that already exist in the Region to address major challenges and suggest a collaborative continuation or complement to these activities

• Discuss on the modality of a coordinated effort for integrated development

• Distribute information to various sections of the society and educate them about their role in the area’s future growth

• Identify key community assets, issues, and joint-projects


Central Issue

Developing a mechanism for coordinated management of the region’s resources by different stakeholders (government officers, experts, urban and rural citizens, industrialists)


Key Themes for developing an Integrated Planning Framework


Land Use and Tourism Development

• Discuss alternative future land use scenarios-Strategies to strengthen relationships between the urban and rural areas

• Carrying Capacity-Coordinating land use, infrastructure and transportation planning

• Preserve Natural Assets

• Watershed based planning

• Discuss Governance issues related to land management and growth controls (Regional Planning Agencies, TCPO, Local Administration, Decentralisation / Participatory Planning)



• Regional Multi-modal Public Transportation

• Identify future regional transit and transportation routes and improvements to address carrying capacity issues

• Promote alternative eco-friendly transportation modes (cleaner, quieter and lower CO2 road vehicles)

• Joint Infrastructural Improvements

• Improving the Tourism Circuit between Auroville, Viluppuram and Cuddalore.


Water Resources

• Water management / governance at Government level Awareness and Sensitization

• Change in behaviour: value the domestic water and reduce usage.

• Industry responsibilities in amount of water used and its effluents.

• Helping farmers to reduce the amount of irrigation: adequate irrigation, water economical crops, alternative farming practices.

• Strengthen rainfed-based farming systems (conservative agriculture).


Environment and Disaster Management

• Beach Erosion and Restoration of the Puducherry-Tamil Nadu coastal environment

• Disaster Preparedness

• Post-Disaster Management

• Regional Collaboration on Pre- and Post- Disaster Management

• Water, Sanitation and Waste Management during disasters and emergencies

• Ecosystem approach to Disaster Risk Reduction




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