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Pavilion of Tibetan Culture

Photo by Manohar

Archive of events and exhibitions
2005 to February 2007


Photo Exibition by Vijay Kranti
'Images from a Colony'
an Indian photo journalist`s Reality Check of China`s Occupied Tibet


Tibetan Pavilion,
Wednesday 7 -16 February,
daily 9.30 am till 5.30 pm Sundays closed

Photo by Manohar





New Year's Eve 2007


New Year's Eve 2007 at Tibetan Pavilion. Photo by Manohar New Year's Eve 2007 at Tibetan Pavilion. Photo by Manohar New Year's Eve 2007 at Tibetan Pavilion. Photo by Manohar


New Year's Eve 2007 at Tibetan Pavilion. Photo by Manohar New Year's Eve 2007 at Tibetan Pavilion. Photo by Manohar





The Tibetan Students' Association, Madras ( TSAM )
and the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture

invite you to

A Cultural Extravaganza from the Roof of the World
from December 22 to 24
, 2006

Wecolme! photo by Manohar

The Cultural Festival's Special Attractions:

Cultural dances and songs
Tibetan traditional food
Exhibition on Tibetan traditional costumes,
religious instrument
Photo Exhibition
Videos shows
Book display on Tibetan medicine

The TSAM's objective is to create awareness among the Indian public 
about the endangered culture of Tibet
Some 130 Tibetan college students from Chennai have helped in organizing this festival

On December 23rd  Tibetan Lunch at the Pavillion (from 12:00 onwards) 
Saturday December 23, Tibetan buffet cum cultural performance at the Visitor Center from 7 pm follwed by Culture performance.(no reservation)
On December 24, Tibetan Lunch at the Pavillion (from 12:00 onwards).
You are advised to book your lunch .
Phone Kalsang Tel: 2622401 or 9442788028


Go to the Festival's Photo Gallery

THEME: Manifest beauty and joy by learning Italic, the “star” among all western calligraphic scripts!

DECEMBER Wed 27, Thu. 28 and Fri.29th, 2006
Timing: Morning: 9.30 a.m. to 12.30
and Afternoon: 2.30 to 4.30 p.m.

CONTENT: Italic is a wonderful flowing hand very versatile and legible. This intensive workshop aims at giving you not only a solid basic foundation of this script but also the ways to use it efficiently to enhance its beauty and open creativity in writing.
This will be done by studying together:
• How to use calligraphic nibs or quill pen(Bird’s feather).
• The basic “root” structure of the letterforms, key to beautiful letters but also foundation for your own future original variations.
• The art and science of the charming italic flourishing: How to adapt each time one’s body for a comfortable and flowing movement for all flourishes and rules for designing them in a creative and beautiful way.
• Indispensable notions of spacing, composition and lay out to design a text or an original message in an expressive and harmonious whole.
• Finally, how to put in application all this, by one or several projects of your choice….

REGISTRATION (limited number of participants) and Information
Tel: 262 37 67, antarcalliyahoo.fr

By ANTARJYOTI, French Aurovilian Calligrapher Artist who has been facilitating workshops and exhibiting in “India”



Pavilion of Tibetan Culture
in collaboration with
International Roerich Memorial Trust

invites you to an

Exhibition of reproductions
of Nicholas Roerich's paintings

The Exhibition will be inaugurated on February 17 at 5 pm
by His Excellency Lt. Gen. (Retd) M.M. Lakhera, PVSM, AVSM, VSM,
Lieutenant-Governor of Pondicherry

From February 17 to March 10, 2006
From 9 am to 5 pm.

installation by Infinite 3 Shona Aron Jonah



31 December 2006 at 7 p.m.

invites you for the

A prayer for peace

Photo by Manohar

Message from His Holiness The Dalai Lama

I am very happy to know that on the last day of the year a mandala of light and prayers for peace will be offered at the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture in Auroville. It is easy simply to pray for peace without doing much to bring it about, but I feel that such prayers will be both more effective and more fulfilling when combined with the simple practice of offering light. This is a longstanding Buddhist tradition said to give rise to many benefits that include enhancing the wisdom being able to distinguish what is right from what is wrong and eliminating the darkness of ignorance, which is equated with the misconception of inherent existence. It is further said that as a result of offering light, even while turning in the cycle of existence we will always find illumination and we will eventually become a light for the world. Another explanation equates offering light to the stability and clarity of patience. We cannot practise patience without wisdom and compassion, which is why it also contributes to overcoming ignorance. Patience that is compared to light does not denote weakness, but rather strength of mind, the clear, stable nature of the mind that is not disturbed by other forces. Such patience has great qualities, like the clarity that knows what is to be done, what is necessary and what is not necessary. Finally, it is easy to see that light has a pervasive and uplifting quality. Therefore, I pray that as this year gives way to the next, due to the merit generated by your offerings and prayers on this occasion, the light of peace may shine clearly throughout the world.
December 28, 2005




Calligraphic Artworks by Antarjyoti

From 14th to 31st December
Open from 9 to 12:30 and 2 to 4:30

Inauguration: Wed, December 14th at 3.45 pm by Martine Quentric Seguy,
with a few stories about “writing”.

The word calligraphy is commonly associated with the Arabic or Asiatic scripts. The public generally doesn’t know the possibilities of western calligraphy; this exhibition—of course despite its limitations—has been conceived as a kind of “initiation” to it. It displays a variety of works ranging from European medieval compositions with gold illuminations, through classic formal pieces, modern informal (where the word, often illegible, is treated as an image), to pure graphic signs. There will be a display of an art installation by the team Aron, Shona, Jonah, and some common work by Antarjyoti and Japanese calligrapher Jyoti - as an experimental calligraphic East-West exchange

All are Welcome!






Photo by Manohar

Magic of Ice
Photo Exhibition by Michael Buchs - Installation by Aron Nicolet

From 19 November to 10 December

These photographs have been taken partly during last winter in the Switzerland's Alps and partly few weeks ago at Gomuk, one of the Ganga River’s sources.
Aron’s installation is inspired by this magic world.

Everybody is welcome !!


Photo by Manohar

Report on the launch of Auroville Vision 2012
on Sunday Dec. 4, 2005

The gathering was held at the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture which had been beautifully decorated, in the central courtyard, with flowers and a nature installation representing the galaxy-shaped city and the five petals of the Auroville symbol, created for the occasion by a group of Tamil youths under Aurelio's guidance.

As the session started at 2 pm with a screening of the Auroville Charter read by Mother against the backdrop of the sunrise celebration bonfire from a few years ago, the large room at the first floor of the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture was overflowing with people. An introduction to the background of the initiative was given by the organizers — how it came into being, the intention behind it and the proposed plan of action as it developed till now. It was clearly mentioned that this is an emerging initiative with no preconditions. The essence of the central motive of the proposal is to facilitate a communication process that will be comprehensive, inclusive and participatory; also, to understand and synthesize the collective sense of priorities and lines of development of general areas of life in the city and the bioregion. The help of all those who love Sri Aurobindo, The Mother and Auroville wherever they live and whatever the organization they belong to is needed and gratefully welcome. The organizers also insisted on the fact that the Residents’ Assembly, the Governing Board, the International Advisory Council, the Auroville International centres all have a crucial role to play as equal partners working as one team for a common objective: the realization of Auroville as dreamed by the Divine for the benefit of humanity as a whole. The participants then broke up into small groups for the next hour and a half to focus on the following themes:
The City in the Bioregion
The small groups, under the guidance of a facilitator, reflected together on 3 questions in relation to their specific focus for inquiry:
1. Where are we today in regard to our ideals?
2. Where do we want to be in 2012?
3. What steps do you propose to take to get there?

The dialogue groups had between 15-30 participants in each (about 160 people attended, the vast majority of them being Aurovilians from all areas of life in the township, with guests also present as observers). The time was felt by many to be too short for going into as much depth as many would have hoped for, but overall the atmosphere was very positive, the contributions thoughtful and constructive and the overall energy motivating.
There was a strong flavour of deep aspiration and a fervent wish for something new, fresh, and truly participatory to emerge.
At the end of the dialogue sessions, it was thought that we would synthesize the work of the small groups, but as there was simply so much content that emerged, it was clear this was an impossible undertaking within the hour available. Instead, the organizers proposed to write up and summarize the notes that each group took and post them on AVnet and in the News & Notes within the coming week.
We proposed that there will be a follow up meeting in one month and invited everyone's participation in moving this vision forward by either facilitating or joining a team that would endeavour to formulate the next practical steps towards the fulfilment of any of the 6 major themes discussed during the day - or any others themes.
The remaining time was then used to generally evaluate and have an open space for comments, reflections, suggestions etc.




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