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Pavilion of Tibetan Culture

Vocational training

Some of the aims of the project

Construct a multi-purpose center, that would meet the accommodation needs for the many groups of Tibetans who regularly visit Auroville for vocational training , and make it possible for them to stay in Auroville for longer periods.

Provide Tibetan trainees with an opportunity to learn new technologies developed in Auroville and explore how best to incorporate these new technologies in the daily life of the refugee settlements.

Demonstrate while constructing the building, techniques that are cost-effective, environmentalli and technologically appropriate, such as ferro-cement, vaulted roofs and mudblock.

Provide have a library, display area and lecture room, so that relevant educational resources can be made available to Tibetans as well as other groups wishing to learn more about Tibetan culture. Initially the emphasis will be on resources related to the environment, traditional Tibetan building techniques and new approaches to working with appropriate technologies in the Tibetan settlements in exile, Tibet and the Himalayan regions.

Provide a forum for ecological and technological exchange between teams of researchers living in, or visiting Auroville, and the Tibetan refugee community living in India, where experiences can be shared on a very practical level.

Give young Tibetans the opportunity to live in an international atmosphere.

Understand and concretely live the basic ideals and principles of Auroville, particularly the concept of an unending education and the unity of mankind. These concepts are very close to His Holiness the Dalai Lama's notion of Universal Responsibility.

Help fulfil Mother's vision of having a Pavilion for every country on Earth. Auroville's open and receptive atmosphere allows young people of all nationalities to meet and express their own culture, while learning about other cultures and traditions.

The "Pavilion of Tibetan Culture", will reflect on a global level, the Tibetan people's aspirations and achievements, as well as the contribution of the Tibetan culture to the world.


Home > The City > International Zone > Pavilion of Tibetan culture > Vocational training

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