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Extracts from children writings and drawings

The class 18 - ten years old Rabbits - from Transition School went to clean Repos Beach on Thursday 6 th January. The following days, they were asked to write about their experience, particularly about their reasons to want to help with the cleaning, their job and their feelings during and after the work. The following is a series of extracts from each child's writing.

On Thursday, my class and I went to Repos Beach to help clean up the dirt left by the Tsunami wave.
I wanted to help cleaning up because it is our Auroville beach.
It is our beach so, if something happens, we are the ones who have to take care of it.

I wanted to help cleaning really much because I felt really sad after seeing people crying near the streets or broken houses, and hearing horrifying stories.

I felt something in my chest telling me that I had to do something to help cleaning up the Tsunami disaster.


Sometimes people think of children as people that are irresponsible or that can't do anything by themselves. Usually, I find that frustrating. So, i wanted to show that I care about what is happening and I would put some energy to help out a bit.

We worked with gloves, rakes and spades.
I had to take a big plastic bag and collect plastic. Then I collected wood in a wood basket. At first we wanted to burn all the wood, but then we decided to use it as compost.
I used a rake to clean the thorns from the sand. I also took out plastic from the fence and from the sand.

My work was to rake all the waste and collect plastic and put it all in separate bags and then to burn all the rest.

I felt happy during the cleaning because I could help.
I was supposed to clean and I felt happy that I helped cleaning.

I felt useful.

I felt that I can help even though I am small. Afterwards I felt helpful and happy because I helped.

I felt happy because even if I am small, I could help with something.
During the cleaning I felt proud of myself. I had a thought that I am born to help.

When I was cleaning, I felt bigger. When we finished and I saw all the work that was done, I felt satisfied.
I felt really exhausted and hot when we finished , so I wet my head with water to refresh myself but I didn't mind because I really helped.
I felt good for what I did. I felt proud of myself.

I felt tired and hungry, but I was happy about what I did. I helped so much! I did a very big thing.


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