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Remembering Dec. 27, 2004...

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Final announcement

Auroville Coastal-area Development Centre (ACDC)

ACDC, formerly known as the Tsunami Relief & Rehabilitation Project (ATRRP) has completed almost four years of relief, rehabilitation and overall development work. After the initial relief phase we have been working on the following projects in the Auroville bioregion:

•  - Community   Institution Building

•  - Education (night schools, sports training & eco education)

•  - Ecological Restoration

•  - Livelihood (Tsunamika & WELL Paper)

•  - Knowledge Building & NGO Coordination

•  - Shelter & Infrastructure

•  - Health, Hygiene & Sanitation

As of October 31st, 2008, ACDC has officially concluded all of its activities. All our reports, including our latest one can be found on our website: www.acdcindia.org

Kind regards, the ACDC Team