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Knowledge Resource Center

In order to share information, expertise and ideas among the various organizations contributing to tsunami-related efforts in South India and to foster better coordination among NGO's, donor organizations, Government agencies, and volunteers, a Knowledge and Coordination Centre has been established.




A main issue of rehabilitation is providing new shelters to tsunami-affected villages. Auroville has solutions and related training and management models for housing and infra structural needs, tested and ready for implementation. A group of Auroville architects has created a number of house designs. The first meeting with village elders to evaluate these designs has taken place. The most suitable designs will be built on a special prototype site.




Paalams (a leader, youth, woman, teachers) will be created in each of the 20 villages, in Pondycherry as well as in Tamil Nadu. We can relate to each village in a variety of ways, once we know what the villages wants, in progress...


Ecological restoration





Trauma counseling

The Trauma Counseling team is going out daily to listen, talk and provide a human touch to the traumatized village residents. Auroville's Trauma Counseling team will keep on monitoring the situation, offer ongoing training and will establish a library of relevant disaster-trauma related materials.



Auroville's beach communities

A special team is taking care of the needs of the nine Auroville beach communities and its residents. Depending on needs, individuals and families have been relocated, urgent individual financial needs have been met, cleaning activities have been undertaken, infrastructure and house repairs have taken place, and damaged fences have been resurrected, read more ...


Phase I - Relief


Emergency relief camp

Immediately after the tsunami hit in the early hours of December the 26th of last year, a group of concerned Aurovilians met. Faced with the influx of fleeing village residents, they decided to immediately open an emergency relief camp. In total 2500 villages residents were given food and shelter during the three days the relief camp was functioning.



Daily a group of 50 to 100 volunteers are working in the villages to remove the waste and debris laying on village streets and lands. The expectation is that this work will continue for at least two more weeks, after which the situation will be assessed again.



Twenty villages and communities were identified as Auroville's main concern. On the basis of need assessments, it was decided to immediately start distribution of food and non-food items like blankets, clothes and school materials. Although most distribution activities have been completed, monitoring of the situation indicated that it was necessary to concentrate on a second round of distribution to selected communities.