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Playful Tsunami Relief Project

For now about two months on saturday mornings life is a little bit different at least for some of the kids in one seaside village in Auroville's bioregion.
An AVAG bus stops at the village centre and spits out about 10 volunteers from countries all over the world. Soon the group is surrounded by a whole bunch of tamil kids asking in their limited english for names and where are they from. It seems like the kids are starving for excitement and new experiences.

Soon the members of the international group unpack whatever they brought along: guitars, drums, flutes, balls, skipping ropes, beansacks and so on.
Playing might be the easiest way of cultural exchange, at least it is one of the most joyful. Beyond language, cultural and social barriers playing together unites the handful of volunteers with the people from the villages in smile and laughter on these touching mornings.

Moreover it is a giving and taking: the village kids bring along their own drums and teach us their rythms, songs, dances and also some spoken tamil.
After these hot experience we all end up taking a refreshment in the ocean. And afterwards we return home wet and exhausted but enriched, everybody in his or her special way.

You feel like joining these unforgettable saturday mornings? You are most welcome; the bus leaves at 9 o clock from the Tsunami Relief Office opposite Aurelec. Please contact the Tsunami Relief office in advance (Tel. 2622 184), to make sure that the right sized bus is ordered. See you soon on saturday!

Text: Maria
Fotos: Franziska