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First fishing trip after 8 weeks, in Thandirayankuppam

sun rise the crew

5.30 on Sunday morning, exactly eight weeks after the tsunamit hit the Indian coast, two boats went out for their first fishing trip. Not far from the coastline they spotted a promising area and began to throw out the net while driving in a circle.

Once the circle was closed one of the fishermen took squared timber and beat on the water, this animated the fishes to swim in the net.

They saw some bigger fish, got very exited and jump in the water to get it and proudly presented it to us.

Pulling the net in is really very hard work and took a long time, meanwhile the other fisherman pointed out some fishes they hadn't seen before the tsunami. Even Piranhas were caught and they are hated by the fishers, their razor sharp teeth ruin the net.

Coming a shore a little welcome group from our team was waiting for us. Everybody, even we got a share of the very successful catch. At a near by shelter a grill was set up and the smell of fried fish was in the air.

The joy of being back at work was more than noticeable and altogether it was a pleasant event for all.