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WELL- Woman empowered
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On December 26, 2004 the tsunami hit the coast of South India. The tsunami left behind damage that is beyond just the physical realm. Though the flood water resided, lingering in its’ debris, were woman in trauma deprived of their usual source of income and without knowledge for other employment. On October 26, 2004, the Merguei Family arrived in Auroville, a multi-cultural village in South India, in search of a life that would have a truer meaning for them, promoting recycling and papier-mâché crafts in particular. These two events and the support of good friends gave birth to a vision to create an environment that will promote rehabilitation and livelihood to the women from tsunami’s affected villages, trough papier-mâché art.

Name of implementing organization
The WELL project belongs to the livelihood branch of the Tsunami rehabilitation program, which is a part of the village action organization in Auroville.

Name of proposed project WELL - Women Empowered by Local Livelihood General Time Frame

The projected time to achieve the initial goals is approximately two years. The first year will be dedicated to preparation, organizing, study and training. The second year will be focused on establishing a financially sustainable unit which does not rely on donations. For more detailed time table see the relevant appendix.

Problem statement

The project is operated by:


The specific objectives are as follow:

Outputs and indications

Assumptions and Risks