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Sustainable building practices workshop



Short courses organized by The Earth Institute
Auroville NGO Coordination and Knowledge Resource Centre

On Wednesday the 22 nd of November 2006
From 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Why Earth Technology?

Earth is the oldest most widely used building material in the world today. It is an appropriate, abundant, inexpensive, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient technology. Buildings with raw earth as well as stabilized earth avoid deforestation and pollution, and can achieve low energy costs throughout their existence: during their manufacturing and construction process as well as during their use as homes, offices, communities etc, and ultimately in their recycling back to the earth. Earth technology is the practice of building using unfired earth material. There are different forms of earth technologies that have been developed and implemented worldwide.


The Workshop

The one day workshop on Sustainable Building Practices is an introduction for NGOs, Government Officials, institutions, and individuals as to what the Earth Institute has achieved over the last 17 years of experimentation and research in terms of earth technology. The aim of the workshop is to bring insights into the importance and benefits of using earth technology in the construction of buildings and to provide first hand exposure to the utilization of successful stabilized earth technologies. The course focuses on theoretical lectures with films and slide shows on earth architecture from a world perspective, as sustainable and environmentally friendly, and the different techniques used in earth architecture. Participants will get the opportunity to produce Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks.



The workshop is limited to 30 participants and will be conducted in English. Participants are responsible for their own travel to and from Auroville.


Please arrange for your own transportation to and from Auroville. The program will include: an information package, and lunch/tea.


Please confirm that you will participate in this workshop latest by Monday the 20th of November by sending back the application form to: cnussele@gmail.com .







9:30 AM


Film on Earth Architecture and a slide show on Earth Architecture in the world- “Diversity and universality of earth architecture”.


11:00 AM




11:15 AM


Slide show on building with earth in Auroville- “Sustainability and environmental friendliness”.


12:45 AM




1:45 PM


Two slide shows on Particular earth techniques and building with arches, vaults and domes.


3:15 PM





3:30 PM


Production of Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEB)


5:00 PM






For information concerning this workshop please contact:

Ms. Chandrah Nusselein CSR
NGO Coordination and Knowledge resource Centre Auroville Centre for Scientific Research
Auroville Tsunami Rehabilitation Project Auroshilpam
Aurelec, Auroville 605101, Tamil Nadu Auroville 605101, Tamil Nadu
Phone: (0413) 2622184 or 2622979
Fax: (0413) 2622185
Email: cnussele@gmail.com



•  Auroville is situated 150 KM from Chennai ( Madras ) and about 15 KM North of Pondicherry . CSR/Earth Institute is located in the centre of Auroville in Auroshilpam (Please refer to map below).