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'Tsunamika' gets Award of Excellence

Tsunamika, the little doll created by the Upasana team in connection with the Tsunami relief activities with the women in the villages, appears to be willing to live a life of her own, going around the world and being the ambassador of a new life after the tsunami disaster.

Hundreds of Tsunamika dolls have been sent around as a gratitude gift to people who helped with their contributions during the post-tsunami days. Tsunamika has a website of her own, which is hosting artistic participations with stories, poems, drawings, etc.. Lately the contemporary puppeteer Anurupa Roy and traditional puppeteer Puran Bhat from New Delhi visited Auroville to prepare puppets based on Tsunamika.

Finally, Tsunamika was noticed and awarded by the National Institute of Fashion Technology. The NIFT had their convocation ceremony, with all the seven centers across the nation. Jury panel decided to acknowledge alumni who have made contributions to society at large (national & international).
Six people from India were chosen to be acknowledged for "Award of Excellence".

Tsunamika was one of them.

Ceremony was chaired by the President of India.

Uma Prajapati, representing the Auroville design team that created Tsunamika, went to Delhi on Nov. 3, 2005, for collecting the prestigious Award.

"For me in person, the Tsunamika project symbolizes the spirit of Auroville: I feel it was all possible because she is born in Auroville. Thanks to Chamanlal Ji from Ashram who pushed me to go to Delhi. I was reluctant to travel down just for this & wanted to appoint somebody in Delhi who would receive the award for us.
And love to you all who supported this project in & outside of Auroville."
for the Design team

Tsunamika is travelling to Rastpathi Bhawan for The President.


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