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'Tsunamika' takes hearts by storm

It takes four steps to create her. Form her head, make it nicely round and leave a little extra to give her a body. Dress her colorfully and combine the two pieces with smashing fluorescent thread. Fix a black hood and paint her a pretty face, give her a big smile and voila, tsunamika is born.

Not much is needed to start. Just take some leftovers, scraps in various colors, add eye catching thread, a needle and ten or fifteen minutes of your time. Use her to give a present a little extra care, pin her on a blouse or blazer... once you discovered her charm you will find numerous of opportunities...

The workshop starts with an introduction by two designers a week before. They explain the process vividly to the ladies. Their faces show the whole range from skepticism to laughter. After a lively discussion about the pro and con's they promise to come the next week and join the five half-day workshop.

Introduction by Vimal

The venue can be a shady temple area, an empty building or simply under a tree. At two o'clock the team arrived on the spot. Slowly, the message spread around the village and ladies started gathering half an hour later. Once the ladies were there, groups of six or seven were formed, to make the process more organized. Each group were given a tray with all the materials required for making the doll and the sample dolls were passed around for their reference. Then Vimal started showing them how to make the dolls and found the ladies were eager to do on by themselves. The first hurdle was the head, but when they discovered how easy it was the got really into the process enthusiastically.

Lots of doubts, excuses, laughing, peeping among the groups was happening. The team also had good fun around teaching them. End of the day lots of dolls, some with squint eyes, some nose on the forehead, some big headed, etc and also some good once came up. Then the dolls were given to them so that they can show it to their family.

There were lots of kids around because they only have half a day school, so something had to make them sit and engage themselves by playing or singing in one corner of the temple and not to disturb the ladies.

On the fifth day the team had explained the follow up, that a packet containing materials worth Rs.50 or Rs.100 of job work, would be given to them for making dolls at home and that the same team would go there after a week's time to collect the dolls and to pay them for their work.

A week has passed by and all met at the same venue again. They ladies knew there would be a quality con troll before they get paid. This was quickly done with the help of these three trays, marked A,B and C. According to the result they were paid by Meenakshi and afterwards the ladies seemed to be really happy to receive the money and new packages to go on with the work.

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