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NIFT workshop, 25th-17th Feb.

In the very first day after December 26th friendly people brought a lot of clothes for the tsunami victims. But we learned quickly that the fishermen village people did want to wear western garments, they wanted to stick on their traditional style of dresses, lungis and sarees. The huge piles were gathered, stuffed in bags and stored. After the first five weeks of the relief phase the tsunami team started thinking about rehabilitation programmes and handicraft workshops took shape. A group of volunteers ripped the clothes apart, they got washed and were ready to use...

Uma from Upasana went to her old college NIFT (National Institute for Fashion Technologie) in Chennai and talked to the students. They were immediately inspired about the idea to make simple items easily taught to village ladies which had potential commercial value using scraps and other existing materials.

Ripping clothes material brought to upasan Colorful collected scraps

Thirteen students arrived for a three day workshop on the 25th of February in Auroville at Upasana Design Studio. After a intensive brainstorming session the young people started with huge enthusiasm.

Uma explaining the idea Brainstorming projects started right away

They worked on the table, on the floor and outside sharing ideas, having great fun in fulfilling this unusual challenge.

students got comfortable inside.... or outside

Below just a tiny little selection of what was finished after three days... and shared in a presentation on the last day.

Vegetable clips Foot decoration Bookmarks

Bags Cellsphone protection

These products will be prepared for a series of workshops called: 'teach the teacher'. Some of the most skilled fishermen ladies are chosen to be trained at upasana premises. At the beginning they will be provided with the necessary materials to get started. Later they can get enough material from the various garment units in Auroville.

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