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The Gunas

One of the many exquisite working models towards self-knowledge and self-mastery provided by the Hindu world-vision is a psychological framework through which one learns to distinguish the various features, 'modes' or trends that are governing one's nature and one's universe.

These features, or qualities of all natural life, are called Gunas and they are three in number, namely Sattwa, Rajas, and Tamas.

Sri Aurobindo's teaching often refers to these Gunas, and they are well integrated in Auroville's dialectics.

We offer here a colourfully illustrated series called 'The Gunas', based on Sri Aurobindo's 'Synthesis of Yoga'.

The lively little 'comic strip' came about in a spirit of collaboration between Aurovilians Manoj (web designer) and Emanuele (Lele, illustrator), both working with the Auroville website and Auroville's Intranet.


Text based on
Sri Aurobindo's
Synthesis of yoga
CWSA, Vol 23 -24
Pages 684 - 688
Ilustrations: Lele

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Second part
Third part
  Fourth part
Fifth part
Sixth part
New Seventh part
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