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December 30 th, 2006

News & Notes No. 172 of December 30th, 2006
New Year's eve at the Tibetan Pavilion
Savitri Bhavan January programme

Pitanga schedule for January

New issue of AV Today magazine
Meet the Auroville "ammas"

Interaction with the new Secretary

The Petal Shields of the Matrimandir


et cetera...






December 23rd , 2006

News & Notes No. 171 of December 23rd, 2006
New Pour Tous structure
Tibetan Pavilion current activities

Tibet Festival photo gallery

Auroville Theatre Group photo gallery

Update on Auroville Guest houses






December 16th , 2006

News & Notes No. 170 of December 16th, 2006
Auroville Tsunami Relief: moving on
The Auroville population census in December 2006

Awareness through the body: a book

New issue of KUYIL, the AV Health Centre newsletter,
in English and German





December 9th , 2006

News & Notes No. 169 of December 9th, 2006
Matrimandir live !

Auroville Today online issue
, including:
"A very special bridge"

International Advisory Council meeting
, etc.
Workshop: Design studio for young architects from India

Workshop on Calligraphy at the Tibetan Pavilion

EM workshop for Tsunami Relief knowledge center





December 2nd , 2006

News & Notes No. 168 of December 2nd, 2006
The Auroville Theatre Group: Ophelia...and O

Update on AVI (Auroville International) addresses






November 25th , 2006

News & Notes No. 167 of November 25th
Auroville Architecture






November 18th, 2006

News & Notes No. 166 of November 16th
Internal economy update
"Homes of the Soul" calendar 2007
Solar Kitchen update
Sustainable building practices workshop
Persian Sky update




November 11th , 2006

News & Notes No. 165 of November 11th
Matrimandir Newsletter October issue
Introduction to Integral Education: 2DVDs by Sraddhalu

How to think: a talk by Sraddhalu Renade on DVD

The Secretary

Update on AVI Int'l addresses

CSR training programs

New Creation Bilingual School Donation Forms


Dharmesh Architect

WISP Winter Integral Studies Program





November 4th , 2006

News & Notes No. 164 of November 4th
Bharat Nivas new pages
New Creation Bilingual School Newsletter n.3
Earth Institute - Training Programs 2007

Savitri Bhavan November programme

Pitanga schedule of the month






October 28th , 2006

News & Notes No. 163 of October 28th
AVI Italy latest reports and letters
Exploring Auroville with Ambre

AV Today October issue
Matrimandir waits to be unveiled

Sri Aurobindo in the Parliament Building

Profile of Johnny from Fertile
, etc






October 21st , 2006

News & Notes No. 162 of October 21st
Sustainable Habitats workshop
Quiet Healing Centre schedule update

Outreach newsletter October issue

The significance of Diwali






October 14th , 2006

News & Notes No. 161 of October 14th
Matrimandir Calendar 2007

Old and new traditions in Auroville

Daily reports from AVI Meeting in Italy

Castelino-Marchese Architects new website
New address of AVI Nederland






October 7th , 2006

News & Notes No. 160 of October 7th
Inauguration of the New Savitri Bhavan building

New Pitanga pages and October schedule

Auroville Today: new issue

Matrimandir Newsletter: latest issue

Martuvam Healing Forest






September 30th , 2006

News & Notes No. 159 of September 30th
Savitri Bhavan October programme
New translations

Invitation to Italy AVI Meeting with schedule and Italian translation

New instructions for Donations and Contributions






September 23rd , 2006

News & Notes No. 158 of September 23rd
10 days of Peace events in Auroville
Visitors Centre updated photos

Pitanga schedule




September 16th , 2006

News & Notes No. 157 of September 16th
Water Harvest: salinity moderating and proofing of coastals aquifers
Deepam-project for the disabled children: update
A dream: translations into Italian, French, Spanish

Auroannam: EM Technology new pages

Eye See website updated




September 9th , 2006

News & Notes No. 156 of September 9th
Census: Auroville population update

11 days of Global Unity

Auroville Press website updated

Mereville Trust website updated

Online books service from Visitors centre




September 2nd , 2006

News & Notes No. 155 of September 2nd
Savitri Bhavan: September Programme

Photo update of Financial Services page

Architects profile update: Sheril

Architects profile update: Pino




August 26, 2006

News & Notes No. 154 of August 26th
Pitanga: Aurolab Yoga project Exhibition in Aurelec




August 19, 2006

News & Notes No. 153 of August 19th
Next AVI meeting in Italy: an invitation

Update on Auroville Guest Houses

Update on AVI (AuroVille International)




August 12, 2006

News & Notes No. 152 of August 12th
Update on Auroville's International Advisory Council
Special events at Savitri Bhavan




August 5th , 2006

News & Notes No. 151 of August 5th
Invocation # 25

AVHC Annual report
Hitler and his God

Two times inner




July 29th, 2006

News & Notes No. 150 of July 29th




July 23rd, 2006

News & Notes No. 149 of July 23rd
Kuyil Newsletter # 17
An unusual canvas
The hybrid



July 15th, 2006

News & Notes No. 148 of July 15th
Ritam August 2006
Architect - Pino - gallery updated
Architect - Sheril - gallery updated



July 8th, 2006

News & Notes No. 147 of July 8th




July 1st, 2006

News & Notes No. 146 of July 1st
Outreach Newsletter July issue
Savitri Bhavan July programme



June 24th , 2006

News & Notes No. 145 of June 24th
Matrimandir Newsletter update to June 2006

Unity Fund Proposal

Guest Introduction week new schedule

Three-day AV Introduction program new schedule



June 17th , 2006

News & Notes No. 144 of June 17th
New Creation Bilingual School (NCBS) June Newsletter

Architects: Shama's new Gallery

Photographers: Giorgio's Gallery



June 10th , 2006

News & Notes No. 143 of June 10th
Auroville Today June-July issue
Interpreting the Galaxy

Accelerating Auroville development

Auroville's seasons

Kenji, Japan-Aurovilian wood artist




June 3rd , 2006

News & Notes No. 142 of June 3rd
Savitri Bhavan Programme for June



May 27th, 2006

News & Notes No. 141 of May 27th
New Creation Bilingual School
The Auroville Theatre Group update with "Tartuffe"
Mona Architect updated Gallery
South Africa AVI Meeting final report
Tsunami rehabilitation EM Technology workshop
"Darshan" book about The Mother devotees
Russian language website on Auroville



May 20th, 2006

News & Notes No. 140 of May 20th
News & Notes: French version

Auroville Population census: May 2006

The "Dream space" of The Dreamcatchers

Professional Volunteers for Auroville

Earth Day - Unity Day !





May 13th, 2006

News & Notes No. 139 of May 13th
New book: Auroville Experience

"Auroville Today" May Issue
, including:
Celebrating Earth Day !

Doing yoga in Auroville
, etc...
Bharat Nivas new website





May 6th, 2006

News & Notes No. 138 of May 6th
Earth Day 2006 in Auroville:photo gallery

Outreach Newsletter new issue

Savitri Bhavan May Programme

Axel's photo gallery update





April 29th, 2006

News & Notes No. 137 of April 29th
Speech of Dr. Karan Singh in Auroville

Reporting from South Africa AVI Meeting

Margarhi Masam

Auroville Music with Nadaka on tour in Europe






April 22nd, 2006

News & Notes No. 136 of April 22nd
Flower Mandalas page
and Image Gallery and website
Future School update
and Image Gallery
Red Earth Riding School (RERS)

Persian Sky

New Drawing by Lele





April 15th, 2006

News & Notes No. 135 of April 15th
GuestHouses update

A new book:"Line Colour Form" on creativity in Art

Tailoring training for Village women

AV Theatre Group update

New Adil Writer website

New Ange website





April 8th, 2006

News & Notes No. 134 of April 8th
The Charter of Auroville in 16 languages

A new book on Auroville: "Un aller simple ?" (in French)

Tsunami relief: Poorani and the WELL workshop





April 1st , 2006

News & Notes No. 133 of April 1st
Savitri Bhavan April program
Pitanga April schedule Addition to Matrimandir access policy
Training courses on Earth Architecture




March 25th , 2006

News & Notes No. 132 of March 25th
Graphic Design: Franz gallery update
Reflections on Auroville in the Academic World
Udavi School newly found archive photos: second part
Aurelec Exhibition




March 18th , 2006

News & Notes No. 131 of March 18th
11th Meeting of the International Advisory Council
Update on AVI Africa Meeting
Matrimandir Workers Group photo
Deepanam school update
Auroville Today March issue





March 11th , 2006

News & Notes No. 130 of March 11th
Savitri Bhavan Program for March 2006
Udavi School newly found archive photos of early days
Knowledge, Business and Consciousness Seminar with photos





March 4th , 2006

News & Notes No. 129 of March 4th
Matrimandir access: new temporary policy
Guest Service update
Tibetan Pavilion
Auroville Theatre Group: The Woolgatherer
RITAM Newsletter: February 2006 issue
New Creation School Newsletter: February 2006
United Nations Tsunami Report: One year after
Announcing "Divine Play"





February 26th , 2006

News & Notes No. 128 of February 25th
A printable display: summary of tsunami activities
Africa-Auroville-AVI Meeting update & New website
AV Today February issue including:
Matrimandir update
Unknown Aurovilians Gloria , Françoise and Mary , Charlie, Shakti
The Infinite 3
Offset your carbon emissions
Update on KBC Seminar





February 18th , 2006

International Seminar
Knowledge, Business and Consciousness

News & Notes No. 127 of February 18th




February 11th , 2006

News & Notes No. 126 of February 11th
Painting: RolfArtist page
and Gallery
Sculpture: RolfArtist page and Gallery
"Quantum conscousness" workshop

Vijnana new website



February 4th , 2006

News & Notes No. 125 of February 4th
The Town hall Complex
Savitri Bhavan February programme
"Auroville Today" January issue




January 28th , 2006

News & Notes No. 124 of January 28th
AVInternational Newsletter
Solar Kitchen:sunny days
"Antithesis of yoga": new review of the book




January 21st , 2006

News & Notes No. 123 of January 21st
Architecture: RolfArtist Profile and Gallery
Anupama Kundoo: new website




January 14th , 2006

News & Notes No. 122 of January 14th
Invocation Newsletter: new issue
Eating out in Auroville: an update
Communities update: Samarpan




January 7th , '06

News & Notes No. 121 of January 7th
Images of the Dawnfire for the New Year 2006
Savitri Bhavan January programme
Pitanga activities for the month
Shama Dalvi Architects: new website
New website for Quiet Healing Centre



December 31st , '05

News & Notes No. 120 of December 31st
Tsunami one year after
New Year's eve at the Tibetan Pavilion
with the 2006 light mandala and a prayer for peace




December 24th , '05

News & Notes No. 119 of December 24th
Maps of tsunami affected areas connected to Auroville
Deepam celebration at Deepam
Painting in Auroville: Anna Maria page and galleries
Auroville population decrease
Full moon walking


  • December 17th , '05

    News & Notes No. 118 of December 17th
    Tsunami news: Tsunami'd fishermen help flooded farmers
    Update on Auroville International Centres
    Tibetan Pavilion December programs
    Update on Auroville Guest tours
    Auroville Today - December issue including:
    Auroville Communities: Aspiration
    Auroville Communities: Verite'
    Learning from other communities
    Beach erosion at Quiet
    Auronet, the Auroville internal network
    Christine Devin





    December 10th , '05

    News & Notes No. 117 of December 10th
    Matrimandir works: December 2005 update
    Tibetan Pavilion current programs
    Auroville Guest Service
    Update on Auroville Guesthouses

    December 3rd , '05

    News & Notes No. 116 of December 3rd
    AVI Spain Meeting:the final Official report
    Savitri Bhavan December Program
    Illuminated Auroville
    Avipro (Auroville international prose Editors) new website
    Lloyd poetry page update
    Tsunami Relief rehabilitation workshops update



    November 26th , '05

    News & Notes No. 115 of November 26th
    The Auroville Charter in 9 languages
    Tsunami Relief rehabilitation workshops
    Winter Integral Studies Program update


    November 19th , '05

    News & Notes No. 114 of November 19th
    'Tsunamika' gets Award of Excellence
    Latest Tsunami Relief report
    "The Numinous" photo exhibition on Surrounding Villages
    Socio-economic survey of Auroville employees
    Quiet Healing Centre update
    Available Classes and Therapies in Quiet: an update
    Currency Converter


    November 12th , '05

    News & Notes No. 113 of November 12th
    Auroville population update
    Online donations update


    November 5th , '05

    News & Notes No. 112 of November 5th
    Auroville and the nearby Villages update
    Winter Integral Studies Program (WISP)
    "Antithesis of yoga" book
    "Auro-Lang 2":Self-teaching language method



    October 29th , '05

    News & Notes No. 111 of October 29th
    Matrimandir calendar 2006
    Auroville calendar 2006


    October 22nd, '05

    News & Notes No. 110 of October 22th
    La Piscine update

    October 15th , '05

    News & Notes No. 109 of October 15th
    Economy Group update
    Matrimandir construction update photo gallery

    October 8th , '05

    News & Notes No. 108 of October 8th
    Report on AVI meeting in Spain
    AV Today October issue, including:
    Auroville economy coming of age
    Tsunami reflections
    New business and Global Consciousness
    An inveterate hippie at heart


    October 1st , '05

    News & Notes No. 107 of October 1st
    The Auroville Foundation Act and The Mother's Guidelines
    The Lively Boutique
    Auroville Outreach Newsletter, October issue
    Savitri Bhavan October programme
    Project Proposal for Ecological Restoration
    Pitanga, October program


    September 24th , '05

    News & Notes No. 106 of September 24th
    Update on Mandates:
    Auroville Council
    Working Committee
    Housing Policy
    Axel Bjornsson Photo Gallery
    "Stoneware" by Adil Writer Ceramics


    September 17th , '05

    News & Notes No. 105 of September 17th
    Auroville Map: Navigable, updated
    Pony Farm
    AV Today, Sptember issue, including:
    The Youth of Auroville
    Palmyra's work on the bioregion
    Universal Citizens of Auroville


    September 10th , '05

    News & Notes No. 104 of September 10th
    Auroville Project list 2005
    Savitri Bhavan update
    Red Earth Riding School: Persian Sky
    Laboratory of Evolution new website
    Press Sheet, August 2005 :
    Italian, French, Tamil versions



    September 3rd , '05

    International Seminar on “New Business and Global Consciousness”
    Internet live broadcasting
    News & Notes No. 103 of September 3rd
    Arka community
    Life Education Centre: construction activities
    "Invocation", n. 23 issue
    "Invocation", n. 22 issue


    August 27th , '05

    News & Notes No. 102 of August 27th
    Tsunami News update August 2005
    AV Today - August issue including:
    "Animal Care" Ann
    The land acquisition controversy

    Matrimandir Gardens evolving
    The Nederlands on the International Zone


    August 20th , '05

    News & Notes No. 101 of August 20th
    Ritam journal - August issue
    Architecture: Pino Marchese update
    Press Sheet, August 2005

    August 13th , '05

    News & Notes No. 100 of August 13th
    Tsunami: The Challenge of Relief to Development
    Auro-Lang new 4 languages self-teaching method


    August 6th , '05

    News & Notes No. 99 of August 6th
    Matrimandir: overview of ongoing works
    Life Education Centre update
    Savitri Bhavan August program

    Village Action News
    Summer Camp 2005


    July 30th , '05

    News & Notes No. 98 of July 30th
    Outreach Newsletter, July 2005 issue

    Poetry: Lloyd Hofman (update)

    Dances in Auroville: a photo gallery
    Language Laboratory update
    AVI Spain update

    Pitanga August schedule of activities



    July 23rd , '05

    News & Notes No. 97 of July 23rd
    Matrimandir Newsletter, July issue
    Auroville Population Census update
    La Piscine



    July 16th , '05

    News & Notes No. 96 of July 16th



    July 9th , '05

    News & Notes No. 95
    Revelation reveals its surprises
    Julietta - profile
    Olivier - profile
    U.S.A Pavilion


    July 2nd, '05

    News & Notes No. 94


    June 25th, '05

    News & Notes No. 93


    June 18th, '05

    News & Notes No. 92


    June 11th, '05

    News & Notes No. 91
    Report of the 21st AVI Meeting in Auroville 2005
    Invitation to AVI Meeting in Spain, October 2005


    June 4th , '05

    News & Notes No. 90
    Human Unity at our doorstep


    May 28th, '05

    News & Notes No. 89
    Update on Auroville's Communities



    May 21st, '05

    News & Notes No. 88
    Update on Auroville's Communities
    Earth Day in Auroville (From AV Today)
    Image Gallery of the Earth Day
    Village Action News
    Aquadyn website update
    AVI Int'l Meeting in South Africa 2006



    May 14th, '05

    News & Notes No. 87
    AV Today May issue
    Auroville Dental Centre website

    May 7th, '05

    News & Notes No. 86


    April 30th, 2005

    News & Notes No. 85
    Update AVI International addresses
    Updates on Tsunami Relief Projects


    April 23rd, 2005
    News & Notes No. 84
    Auroville Outreach, April 2005
    Sound Wizard update and new website

    April 16th, 2005
    News & Notes No. 83
    Auroville Today, April issue
    Painting update: Stephanie Bussmann
    AV population census - update to April 2005
    Auroville Language Laboratory new website
    Quiet: Basic Free Flow courses update

    April 9th, 2005

    News & Notes No. 82
    Guest Houses update

    April 2nd, 2005
    News & Notes No. 81
    Land Fund Newsletter n. 36, Jan/March 2005
    Sadhana Forest
    Pitanga Schedule of Activities for April 2005

    March 26th, 2005
    News & Notes No. 80

    Dr. Marc Luyckx Ghisi:
    The Pioneers of Consciousness
    British Pavilion update
    The Auroville Theatre Group update

    March 19th, 2005
    News & Notes No. 79
    Tsunami Relief Projects
    Udavi School website
    Decision-making policy
    Residents Assembly


    March 12th, 2005
    News & Notes No. 78
    Auroville Today, March issue

    March 5th, 2005
    News & Notes No. 77
    Mohanam Kindergarten
    CSR update
    Nadaka website update


    February 26th, 2005

    News & Notes No. 76
    International Youth Conference
    AVI meeting 2005 : Talk by Sraddhalu Ranade

    February 19th, 2005
    News & Notes No. 75
    International Youth Conference
    AVI meeting 2005 - report

    February 12th, 2005

    News & Notes No. 74

    February 5th, 2005

    News & Notes No. 73
    Ritam February 2005
    Tibetan Pavilion activities

    January 29th, 2005

    News & Notes No. 72


    January 22nd, 2005

    News & Notes No. 71

    Auroville Outreach Newsletter Jan.'05
    Auroville Outreach Press Information Jan.'05

    January 15th, 2005

    News & Notes No. 70

    AV Today January 2005

    January 8th, 2005

    News & Notes No. 69

    Pitanga January 2005


    December 31st, 2004

    News & Notes No. 68


    December 24th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 67

    Auroville farming update

    Revue d'Auroville, Issue 18

    AVI meeting 2005


    December 18th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 66
    AvToday, December issue
    Auroville population


    December 11th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 65


    December 4th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 64
    AVI international meeting in Auroville


    November 27th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 63


    November 20th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 62

    November 13th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 61
    AvToday, November issue
    Yatra, a group show by all Auroville Artists


    November 6th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 60
    Visit to Auroville by the President of India - a report
    Outreach, October issue


    October 30th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 59
    AvToday, October issue
    Matrimandir Newsletter

    October 23rd, 2004

    News & Notes No. 58

    October 16th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 57

    October 9th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 56

    October 2nd, 2004

    News & Notes No. 55
    AvToday, September 2004 issue


    September 25th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 54
    Landfund Newsletter
    Latest Book Publications:


    September 18th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 53
    Building history


    September 11th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 52
    International Seminar on Water in Auroville
    Guest Introduction Tour, update


    September 4th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 51
    Mandala Pottery exhibits in New Delhi


    August 28th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 50
    Calligraphy, Antarjyoti's work


    August 21st, 2004

    News & Notes No. 49



    August 14th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 48

    AvToday, August 2004 issue

    August 7th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 47
    Ritam, 3rd issue
    Eternity Game


    July 31st, 2004

    News & Notes No. 46
    Av- population


    July 24th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 45


    July 17th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 44


    July 10th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 43
    Quiet Healing Centre, update


    July 3rd , 2004

    News & Notes No. 42
    Kuyilappalayam Higher Secondary School, update
    La Ferme Cheese, update


    June 26th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 41
    AuroRE wins the Green Oscar


    June 19th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 40
    AVI Meeting in Brazil, update
    ARKA, update


    June 12th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 39
    AVtoday, June-July issue

    June 5th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 38
    Latest Book Publications:


    May 29th , 2004

    News & Notes No. 37
    Matrimandir Newsletter, April 2004
    Revue No. 17
    Newsletter of the Tibetan Pavilion
    Land Fund Newsletter


    May 22nd, 2004

    News & Notes No. 36
    AV Today's May issue


    May 15th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 35
    Architect's Profile: Fabian, update
    Architects Profile: Poonam


    May 8th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 34


    May 1st, 2004

    News & Notes No. 33
    Unity Pavilion update
    Portrait of the Photographer Jonah


    April 24th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 32
    Census, AVpopulation
    AVIS, Auroville Volunteering, Internships & Studies programs, update


    April 17th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 31
    AVtoday, April issue


    April 10th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 30
    Jericho Star Light Theatre


    April 3rd, 2004

    News & Notes No. 29
    AVI meeting in Brazil, June 2004
    AVI meeting report from Russia
    Status of the Work at the Matrimandir, download


    March 27th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 28
    Auroville Today, March issue
    Auroville Theatre presented: Milarepa


    March 20th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 27
    Ritam, 2nd issue
    Leap Now Weekend


    March 13th , 2004

    News & Notes No. 26
    Pictures of Auroville's 36th birthday celebration


    March 6th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 25
    Invocation - Tamil Version
    Breaking barriers: Sangamam- a model village


    February 28th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 24
    Invocation No. 21
    Land Fund launches new website
    Outreach Newsletter


    February 21th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 23
    Land Fund Newsletter
    Av Today, February '04


    February 14th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 22
    Matrimandir Newsletter
    Unity Walk


    February '04, 2004

    News & Notes No. 21
    Sydo - Auroville grieves


    Jan 31st, 2004

    News & Notes No. 20


    Jan 24th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 19
    AvToday, January '04


    January 17th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 18


    January 10th, 2004

    News & Notes No. 17
    Auroville Architecture (Brochure)
    Auro-Lang: A Self Teaching Method in four Languages
    Press information in Tamil


    January 3rd, 2004

    News & Notes No. 16
    Landfund Newsletter No. 31
    Brochures on Auroville as a download



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