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December 27th, 2008

News & Notes No: 275 of December 27th, 2008
Unity Pavilion newsletter
Exploring Auroville

Pitanga schedule for January

Eating out

Auroville in the media

Sites related to Auroville: an update

New video section




December 20th, 2008

News & Notes No: 274 of December 20th, 2008
Update on AV communities

New video section

Auroville Arts.com: encouraging the arts in Auroville





December 13th, 2008

News & Notes No: 273 of December 13th, 2008
Visiting Auroville update

Savitri Bhavan Dec. programme update

Painting: Monique update
AV Today November issue including:
UNESCO Paris round table

Utopia in action

20 years of AV Today

"Turning points" a book on Auroville

Auroville and Ramana Maharishi

Vision quest in a cave

In search of the Goddess




November 29th, 2008

News & Notes No: 272 of December 6th, 2008
Auroville Theatre Group: Bride on the Rocks

Auroville architects update: Sheril

Auroville architects update: Pino




November 29th, 2008

News & Notes No: 271 of November 29th, 2008
Savitri Bhavan December Programme

Pitanga schedule for December




November 22nd, 2008

News & Notes No: 270 of November 22nd, 2008
Matrimandir Newsletter,
Oct 08
Invocation # 29



November 15th, 2008

News & Notes No: 269 of November 15th, 2008



November 8th, 2008

News & Notes No: 268 of November 8th, 2008

Governing Board members

The Future of the Economy (E-book, 900Kb)

Census - AV population update

DEW Institute training programme



November 1st , 2008

News & Notes No: 267 of November 1st, 2008

Matrimandir Access Policy

Understanding the Matrimandir Access Policy

AV Today: Editorial

“Do not close the door to us”

“I do not belong to anything”

Dayakara – a dog’s paradise

An upbeat bike repair shop

The ‘Road’

The Matrimandir crane

“We became a dance family”



October 25th , 2008

News & Notes No: 266 of October 25th, 2008

Land Fund Newsletter # 43

Text of Report to UNESCO on Education in AV

Human Unity - Auroville Portraits, Calendar 2009

Auroville Anninversary Book

LEAP - website

Awareness Through the Body - website


October 18th , 2008

News & Notes No: 265 of October 18th, 2008

NCBS Newsletter October 2008

Auroville's 40th anniversary celebrated at UNESCO

Auroville Calendar 2009


October 11th , 2008

News & Notes No: 264 of October 11th, 2008

Matrimandir Calendar 2009

Auroville Planner 2009


October 10th , 2008

News & Notes No: 263 of October 4th, 2008

Auroville event at UNESCO


AV Today

What Savitri means to me

Natural dyeing now state-of-the-art

Centre for Scientific Research – looking forward

In perpetual inventiveness

A festival of Kabir

This is an amazing and frustrating place


September 27th , 2008

News & Notes No: 262 of September 27th, 2008


September 20th , 2008

News & Notes No: 261 of September 20th, 2008



September 13th , 2008

News & Notes No: 260 of September 13th, 2008

See Auroville through Google Maps



September 6th , 2008

News & Notes No: 259 of September 6th, 2008

Exhibition on Auroville in London


Auroville Today

An extraordinarily complex individual

Things are beginning to happen here

The process of transformation is profound

Aging gracefully

Material problems of aging

Women's festival 2008



August 30th , 2008

News & Notes No: 258 of August 30th, 2008




August 23rd , 2008

News & Notes No: 257 of August 23rd, 2008




August 16th , 2008

News & Notes No: 256 of August 16th, 2008

Matrimandir Newsletter

Panoramas on Auroville

UNESCO resolution




August 9th , 2008

News & Notes No: 255 of August 9th, 2008

Land Fund Newletter # 42





August 2nd, 2008


News & Notes No: 254 of August 2nd, 2008

Dalai Lama's forthcoming visit

Tibetan Pavilion's July Newsletter

Minutes of the International Advisory Board meeting

Savitri Bhavan programme for July

"The knowledge society" by Marc Luyckx Ghisi






July 26th , 2008

News & Notes No: 253 of July 26th, 2008
Kabir Festival in Bharat Nivas

Pitanga program for August

AVInternational: Auroville exhibition in London







July 19th , 2008

News & Notes No: 252 of July 19th, 2008
AVInternational: Germany meeting report

Auroville Musicians: Jivatman

Ikebana: Valeria

Future School update


AVIS Volonteers feedback

Auroville Riding Center

Auroville Coastal-Area Development Centre

AV Today June-July issue
Chennai's Adyar Creek restoration

Auroville refutes BBC broadcast

Shakti nursery

A Summer's harvest

Lightstory: Giorgio






July 12th , 2008

News & Notes No: 251 of July 12th, 2008
Pitanga schedule for July

Savitri Bhavan July events

Academic Research on Auroville: an update






July 5th , 2008

News & Notes No: 250






June 28th , 2008

News & Notes No: 249


Songs for children

More letters of complaint re BBC






June 21st , 2008

News & Notes No: 248

NCBC Newsletter No.8

Udavi - An educational experiment in the village

Redefining itself: New Creation Bilingual School

Completing Bharat Nivas

Managing the media

Between Seasons

A Day in Sadhana Forest

The Farewell project

AVIS professionals volunteers updaded



June 14th, 2008

News & Notes No: 247

Matrimandir Newsletter



June 7th, 2008

News & Notes No: 246

Matrimandir Newsletter

Access - community exchange

Census - Auroville population

Workshops in clowning



May 31st, 2008

News & Notes No: 245

Latest Auroville Handbook 2Mb Zip

Realization website updated

Remix Studio - a new website



May 24th, 2008

WC statement on BBC broadcast

Monique - gallery




May17th, 2008

News & Notes No. 244

Communities update:
and New Lands

New book on Sri Aurobindo

AVIS professional update



May 10th, 2008

News & Notes No. 243 of May 10th, 2008
Land Fund newsletter




May 3rd, 2008

News & Notes No. 242 of May 3rd, 2008
International Advisory Council update

Karan Singh talks to the community

Sri Aurobindo's plays on stage

Auroville Pending Projects

Auroville Today new issue
Auroville's visitors and guests

Matrimandir access



Pony Farm

Tree care





April 26th, 2008

News & Notes No. 241 of April 26th, 2008
News & Notes: French version

Savitri Bhavan programme for May

Pitanga activities in May

Monique's "Made in Auroville" book translated into English






April 19th, 2008

News & Notes No. 240 of April 19th, 2008
Matrimandir Newsletter April 2008
Photos of the New Creation Bilingual School fair






April 12th, 2008

News & Notes No. 239 of April 12th, 2008
Update on Savitri Bhavan programme






April 5th, 2008

News & Notes No. 238 of April 5th, 2008
Auroville population update: now over 2000

Pitanga schedule for April

AV Today magazine: March issue including:

Echoes of the bonfire celebration

Unity Kolam ceremony

Sri Aurobindo's statue arrives

Psychology conference

The Auroville Foundation

"Savitri, Flame of the future" dance performance

An interview with Anamika

The Auroville look






March 29th, 2008

News & Notes No. 237 of March 29th, 2008
The Hall of Peace

Savitri Bhavan April programme
A photo gallery of the completed Matrimandir

AV Today magazine, February issue,
An impression on the 40 years of Auroville

Tribute to Roger Anger

An emerging spiritual township

Consecration as a way of life

An interview with Goupi






March 22nd, 2008

News & Notes No. 236 of March 22nd, 2008
Auroville 40 anniversary: a photo gallery





March 15th, 2008

News & Notes No. 235 of March 15th, 2008
Sri Aurobindo statue at Savitri Bhavan

Guest introductory week: new dates

AVInternational addresses update

Auroville's first marathon

Theatre: Hamletmachine






March 8th, 2008

News & Notes No. 234 of March 8th, 2008
Pitanga: March schedule

New exhibitions in the Tibetan Pavilion

A Magic Cookbook

New Life Education Centre: new website






March 1st, 2008

News & Notes No. 233 of March 1st, 2008
Savitri Bhavan March programme

Spirulina new page

DEW (Design, Energy, Water) Institute

Dalai Lama visit update







February 23rd, 2008

News & Notes No. 232 of February 23rd, 2008
Matrimandir Newsletter: February issue

Introducing Blue Light

AVInternational update






February 16th, 2008

News & Notes No. 231 of February 16th, 2008
Dalai Lama planning visit to Auroville

Savitri Bhavan update

Auroville population update

Realization website

Aurogreen update

Theatre: Hamlet

Theatre: PraapaiManee






February 9th, 2008

News & Notes No. 230 of February 9th, 2008
Sangamam Festival update

Realizing Realization

New Creation Bilingual School

Tibetan Pavilion

Water Harvest update

AVToday January issue
"There is an aspiration for something different"

“Let’s arrest this downward slide”

Deepanam school

Film culture in Auroville

Volunteering in Auroville

Population continues to rise






February 2nd, 2008

News & Notes No. 229 of February 2nd, 2008
Roger Anger tributes

AVInternational meeting 2008

Savitri Bhavan programme for February

Update on Communities: Grace

Pitanga February schedule
Sunset in the Amphitheatre






January 26th, 2008

News & Notes No. 228 of January 26th, 2008
New Matrimandir access policy in French language

New Matrimandir access policy in Tamil language

Water Harvest update

Communities update: Fertile Forest

Sangamam Festival






January 19th, 2008

News & Notes No. 227 of January 19th, 2008
Guiding principles of Matrimandir access policy

New Matrimandir access policy for Aurovilians and Newcomers

New Matrimandir access policy for Visitors

Creativity: an experiment in collective housing

The role of Roger Anger in the conception of Matrimandir






January 12th, 2008

News & Notes No. 226 of January 12th, 2008
AV Earth Institute training courses for 2008

Creativity community update

New website for Kenji and Valeria






January 5th, 2008

News & Notes No. 225 of January 5th, 2008
Pitanga: January Schedule

Link to downloadable books by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
Auroville population update
Land Fund newsletter
Auroville Today new issue including:
Housing crisis
Future school
Last school
Studying out of Auroville
Aspiration PourTous
Mitra youth hostel







December 29th, 2007

News & Notes No. 224 of December 29th, 2007
Savitri Bhavan programme for January 2008

Tibetan Pavilion update

Visit of the President of India to Auroville

Raining in Auroville






December 22nd, 2007

News & Notes No. 223 of December 22nd, 2007
RITAM, November 2007 issue

AV 40th birthday kolam

Birgitta Volz, painter

Mr.C, a theatre performance







December 15th, 2007

News & Notes No. 222 of December 15th, 2007
Matrimandir Newsletter
India and the Future of South Asia

Inner health

New courses at Pitanga

Sangamam Festival

Weekly programs at Verite'






December 8th, 2007

News & Notes No. 221 of December 8th, 2007
'Offering' by Robert
India Today cover story



December 1st

News & Notes No. 220 of December 1st, 2007
Learning in Auroville
Abha and Claude
Marco and Liliana
Lyle on economy




News & Notes No. 219 of November 24th, 2007



November 17th, 2007

News & Notes No. 218 of November 17th, 2007

Matrimandir Newsletter, Oct 2007


November 10th, 2007

News & Notes No. 217 of November 10th, 2007

Invocation No. 27

Sri Krishna Jayanti


November 3rd, 2007

News & Notes No. 216 of November 3rd, 2007

Winter Integral Studies Programme 2008

Reliving the magic of constructing Matrimandir

Environmental Education Centre opens

Fearlessly pursuing a dream

A new meaning of beautiful

Saline intrusion into the aquifers

Residents’ Assembly up and running

Governing Board and Advisory Council meet

“Something has to inspire us”

“We can't afford to eat at Auroville restaurants”

The housing conundrum

“Auroville will become what it's meant to become”

Sri Aurobindo's concept of freedom

Talks in Italy by Georges van Vrekhem

Auroville population


October 27th, 2007

News & Notes No. 215 of October 27th, 2007

Land Fund Newsletter No.39

Mr. Arjun Singh on Auroville in UNESCO

L’Avenir d’Auroville

Decision making policy

Residents' Assembly Service

Land and Resource Management

Unity in Diversity, Calendar 2008

Savitri Bhavan November programmes

Pitanga schedule

Professional Volunteers - updated


October 20th

News & Notes No. 214 of October 20th, 2007



October 13th

News & Notes No. 213 of October 13th, 2007
Water dynamics in the Auroville bioregion
Matrimandir Calendar 2008
AV Weekly Planner 08



October 6th

News & Notes No. 212 of October 6th, 2007

New Creation Bilingual School Newsletter

Auroville Festival in Russia



September 29th , 2007

News & Notes No. 211 of September 29th, 2007
Montreal AVI meeting 2nd report

Montreal AVI meeting 1st report

Savitri Bhavan study materials

Savitri Bhavan October programme
Pitanga October schedule

Weekly programs in Verite'

Quiet Haeling Center update



September 22nd , 2007

News & Notes No. 210 of September 22nd, 2007
Tibetan Pavilion new photos




September 15th , 2007

News & Notes No. 209 of September 15th, 2007
Marc Luyckx (IAC) new book presentation

Marc Luyckx (IAC) "Au-dela'..." book in .pdf.zip




September 8th , 2007

News & Notes No. 208 of September 8th, 2007
Pitanga schedule for September

Exploring Auroville - tour




September 1st , 2007

News & Notes No. 207 of September 1st, 2007
Savitri Bhavan September programme

AV Today, August issue,
Disappearing beaches

Statue of Sri Aurobindo

Electric vehicles research

USA Pavilion
Animal welfare




August 25th , 2007

News & Notes No. 206 of August 25th, 2007
Matrimandir Newsletter new issue
Savitri Bhavan upcoming events

Destination Auroville: an AVAG report





August 18th , 2007

News & Notes No. 205 of August 18th, 2007
Research: DEW Institute at CSR





August 11th , 2007

News & Notes No. 204 of August 11th, 2007
Auroville population update

Pitanga new programmes

New exhibition-event at Tibetan Pavilion





August 4th , 2007

News & Notes No. 203 of August 4th, 2007
How to join Auroville: update from the Entry Service
Hufreesh Dumasia AV painter
Important prize for Training Earth Institute
Update on Quiet






July 28th , 2007

News & Notes No. 202 of July 28th, 2007
Update on communities: Fraternity

Health centre update

Savitri Bhavan August programme

Pony Farm update

AV theatre group new face






July 21st , 2007

News & Notes No. 201 of July 21st, 2007
T'ai Chi schedule of workshops

SVARAM,Music instruments and Research Station

Commercial Units update

Filaure new website

Sri Krishna crafts & tours website

Auroville International update






July 14th , 2007

News & Notes No. 200 of July 14th, 2007
Honouring the memory of Nirodbaran

Auroville Day in Formia (Italy)

Auroville Theatre workshop

"La Loba" performance






July 7th , 2007

News & Notes No. 199 of July 7th, 2007
Matrimandir Newsletter new issue






June 30th , 2007

News & Notes No. 198 of June 30th, 2007
CSR new training program


Auroville Today new issue,
Facing a land crisis

More 'government' control ?

L'Avenir d'Auroville

Efficient Micro-organisms (EM)

Bio-pesticide campaign
Creativity's (cosmic) cows






June 23rd , 2007

News & Notes No. 197 of June 23rd, 2007
Quiet: new course and workshop schedule
Update on Aurovilian architects
Auroville in the Academic world: update

"Italians in Auroville": a doctoral thesis (Italian language)






June 16th , 2007

News & Notes No. 196 of June 16th, 2007
New update on Matrimandir access

Auroville Health Services (AVHS) update

Beautiful W.E.L.L.

Gecko ! new website






June 9th , 2007

News & Notes No. 195 of June 9th, 2007
Update on Matrimandir access

Report with photos from Kazakhstan AVI meeting

Thamarai: Village tour in Auroville

Thamarai: Women explore themselves





June 2nd , 2007

News & Notes No. 194 of June 2nd, 2007
A report from Kazakhstan AVI meeting

New Creation Bilingual School Newsletter

Auroville Today new issue
Earth Day '07 celebrations

A carbon-neutral Auroville ?

New Working Committee and Council

A portrait of Marije Romme

Auroville in the blogosphere






May 26th , 2007

News & Notes No. 193 of May 26th, 2007
LEC (Life Education Centre) looks back & forward

Auroville Village Action Trust (AVAT)

Auroville Village Action Group (AVAG) update
Background on the relation of AV and the villages (download)
WomenPower programme (download)
Community organization & microprojects (download)

New pages on the Matrimandir (second part):

Inner Chamber

Top of Matrimandir

Area below

12 meditation rooms

Layout of the oval

The Banyan tree

The Amphitheatre

12 Gardens and their significance

12 gardens and their central flowers






May 19th , 2007

News & Notes No. 192 of May 19th, 2007
Auroville goes to Kazakhstan

Ritam magazine:new issue

AVIS (professional volonteers to Auroville): update

Persian Sky update

"Good guest, bad guest": new cartoon on Sitelite

New pages on the Matrimandir:

Brief history of Matrimandir conception

Symbol and meeting point

The Mother on Matrimandir and religions

The Matrimandir and the number 12

Architectural concept

Vertical section of the Matrimandir

The structure

Outer face

Four entrances

First level and central staircases

Second level and spiral ramps

Inner skin






May 12th , 2007

News & Notes No. 191 of May 12th, 2007
Earth Day 2007 in Auroville: a photo gallery

Land Fund Newsletter: new issue






May 5th , 2007

News & Notes No. 190 of May 5th, 2007
Matrimandir newsletter

Thamarai update

Thamarai's garden

A day out

Thamarai Earth Day

Animal welfare camps in the villages

2 cartoons on AV transport






April 28th , 2007

News & Notes No. 189 of April 28th, 2007
Auroville population update

Pitanga schedule for May and holiday season

Quiet new schedule of activities

Auroville introduction program: new dates






April 21st , 2007

News & Notes No. 188 of April 21st, 2007
Mohanam update: activities
and new website
Two at once: integrated conferences in Verite'

Sitelite 15: a new cartoon by Lele

Savitri Bhavan programme update

Outreach Newsletter new issue

Auroville Today April issue including:

"We all wear tinted glasses" by Doudou Diène
Exploring our differences

Providing prosperity
Auroville services: how do they work ?

Water supply: are there solutions ?

Encountering Michael Murphy

Snapshots of a photographer: Sebastian Cortès






April 14th , 2007

News & Notes No. 187 of April 14th, 2007
Puthandu, Tamil New Year

Earth Day 2007: food for thought

Earth Day 2007: a cartoon by Lele

New website for Auroville Guest Houses

Flowers: a gallery of photos by Maria Teresa






April 7th , 2007

News & Notes No. 186 of April 7th, 2007
Update on Arka






March 31st , 2007

News & Notes No. 185 of March 31st, 2007
Savitri Bhavan programme for April

Pitanga schedule for April

Mother's biography in French

March issue of Auroville Today
A message from Roger Anger

Interviewing Piero
, Narad, Alain Grandcolas,
, Michael Bonke, Tamil Workers, etc.
Report on the Auroville International Advisory Council meeting

FAMC reconstituted

Kids' city Auroville






March 24th , 2007

News & Notes No. 184 of March 24th, 2007
Visual Mantras exhibition at the Tibetan Pavilion: a gallery

Announcing AVI International Meeting in Canada

World Water Day 2007






March 17th , 2007

News & Notes No. 183 of March 17th, 2007
New exhibitions at the Tibetan pavilion

AV Today February issue, online version
Protecting Matrimandir’s integrity

On the front line at the Visitors Centre

The work of the Guest Service

A central water organisation for the Auroville area

Auroville’s nature camp at Kavunji






March 10th , 2007

News & Notes No. 182 of March 10th, 2007
Auroville, Human unity and Organization: by Shraddalu Ranade

A photographic visit of the Tibetan pavilion






March 3rd , 2007

News & Notes No. 181 of March 3rd, 2007
Matrimandir access: new temporary update
Savitri Bhavan programme for March

Pitanga schedule for March

New awards for Aurovilians

Tibetan Pavilion update

Invitation to Kazakhstan AVI meeting

The Rainmaker, a new play by AVTG

ALL (Auroville Language Lab) new schedule






February 24th, 2007

News & Notes No. 180 of February 24th, 2007
New Creation Bilingual School Newsletter n.4






February 17th, 2007

News & Notes No. 179 of February 17th, 2007
Invocation, new issue

Outreach, new issue

Thamarai project in Edayanchavadi

Prisma update

Villagers celebrate Pongal with Mohanam






February 10th, 2007

News & Notes No. 178 of February 10th, 2007
New Exhibition at Tibet Pavilion

Update of Savitri Bhavan February programme

Farewell, Wim !






February 3rd, 2007

News & Notes No. 177 of February 3rd, 2007
Savitri Bhavan program for February

Pitanga February schedule

Aspiration Guesthouse update

Auroville Today new online issue
, including:
Interview to the New Secretary

Auroville population growth

Forays into new homeopathy

A newcomer speaks out
, etc...






January 27th, 2007

News & Notes No. 176 of January 27th, 2007
Matrimandir visit temporary schedule
Auroville Integral Yoga and the future of mankind

India's Reunion and World Vision

WISP update






January 20th, 2007

News & Notes No. 175 of January 20th, 2007
Matrimandir Newsletter

Land Fund Newsletter

Auroville Theatre Group update: the Director's bio






January 13th, 2007

News & Notes No. 174 of January 13th, 2007
Matrimandir Newsletter
Land Fund update

Land Fund Newsletter

Events at the Tibetan Pavilion






January 6th, 2007

News & Notes No. 173 of January 6th, 2007
New Year's gathering at the Tibetan Pavilion

Workshop for young architects

Invitation to AVI Meeting in Kazakhstan

The biogas process

International Zone report, Dec. 2006

Guest Tours update

Quiet schedules update

New link to AVI Canada






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