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What's new archives 2009 - 2010


December 25th, 2010

The Japanese Pavilion
Insight seminars in French language
Travel safe in Auroville
Integral health
Happy people video
Tagore presentation in Kala Kendra
MagzAv art magazine




December 18th, 2010

The Italian Pavilion
(English version and Italian version)
OutreachMedia new Press Sheets
Auroville International addresses update
Solitude Farm activities
Kala Kendra exhibition
AVIS announcement




December 11th, 2010

International Zone exhibition
Matrimandir newsletter December 2010
Invocation, issue 33 and new indexes
Kailash update Dec. 2010
Inner Health Dec. 2010
Arka schedule
T'ai Chi updated schedule




December 4th, 2010

Meeting of the International Advisory Ccouncil
Auroville Today, November issue
Children of Auroville 2002
New videos: OHM Auroville city of the future
part 1 - part 2
Auroville in Mother's words
A research paper: Evolution, Transformation and perceptible breath




November 27th, 2010

Matrimandir access update
City Service half-year report
AVIS (Volunteers service) announcement
Inner Health update
Insight Seminars schedule
Savitri Bhavan programme for December
New video on Auroville
Art and Culture magazine, November issue




November 20th, 2010

Harvest Newsletter Nov. 2010
Savitri Bhavan Programmes update




November 13th, 2010

Aikiyam newsletter
A summary of "Savitri"
Russian versions of "Education" pages




November 6th, 2010

"Auroville Today" new issue
Matrimandir access policy
Auroville population update
Botanical garden 10th anniversary
French Pavilion: Conversation Francophone
International Zone




October 30th, 2010

Savitri Bhavan programme for November
Pitanga schedule
Health Centre timetable
Arka Schedule
Inner Health



October 23rd, 2010

Matrimandir access: an update
Introducing AV marathon 2011
Auroville Ultimate Frisbee team




October 16th, 2010

International Zone new map
Eating out and Solar kitchen update
Pitanga schedule
FAQ sur la venue à Auroville
FAQ sur la santé
FAQ sur l'art
FAQ sur l' économie
FAQ sur les journaux & les médias




October 9th, 2010

Updated map of Auroville
Auroville Today new issue
International Zone
Breaking a deep historical trend
Art & Culture magazine (new)
Exploring Auroville with Ambre
La Mère
Vers l’unité humaine





October 2nd , 2010

Savitri Bhavan programme for October
Matrimandir Newsletter, October issue
The Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

Pages in French:
Laboratoire de l'Evolution
Revue d'Auroville
La maison de l'Agenda de la Mère
Auroville, le yoga intégral et l'Avenir de l'Humanité




September 25th , 2010

Savitri Bhavan new pages
PTDC survey
Health Centre schedule
The symbol of Auroville
The original Charter of Auroville



September 18th , 2010

Introduction Seminars to Auroville
Pitanga Schedule

New pages in French language:
Pavillon de France
Information Presse et Média
Le Rêve
Roger Anger



September 11th , 2010

Integrated Green Practices
Sustainable living in Auroville
Deepam - care of children with special needs
Water Harvest Newsletter September 2010
Savitri Bhavan Programme update
Kailash Clinic timetable
Arka schedule




September 4th , 2010

L'Avenir d'Auroville, second start
Growing city: Public buildings work in progress
Growing city:Housing projects in progress
Auroville population update
Matrimandir Calendar 2011
AV weekly planner 2011
Savitri Bhavan programme for September
University of Human Unity, Autumn semester
Sarasija artist update




August 28th , 2010

AV Today magazine August 2010
AVI France new Board
Auroville in media: TF1 France TV
Auroville in media: CNN GO
Article on Maroma on"The Hindu"




August 21st , 2010

Pitanga activities schedule for guests
Water Harvest Newsletter
Sri Aurobindo's birthday gathering: the video
Aurovilian artists: Sarasija
Latest from Auroville Radio




August 14th , 2010

Savitri Bhavan programme for August
Verite' Activities
Matrimandir Newsletter
Aikyam School Newsletter
COLAAP Newsletter No. 4




August 7th , 2010

When Zero means All




June 12th

City Service financial report 2009/2010

Aikido Auroville Akikai

Savitri Bhavan new pages:
Towards a Bibliography of Sri Aurobindo's Savitri
Savitri Bhavan chronology
Savitri: the Way of Love
(a lecture by Narad)
How to support Savitri Bhavan


June 5th, 2010


Matrimandir Newsletter June 2010
'THe adventures of Papui, Draggy..." by Lele
(Free downloading: a present for your holidays)




May 29th, 2010


Savitri Bhavan programme for June
AVI USA special activities
Remembering Lloyd




May 22nd, 2010


"Be true not violent" for international peace
FAQ in Italian update :
Domande frequenti su Organizzazione e competenze
New Russian translations:
Residents Assembly
List of Funding Agencies
Statements of support from Government of India
UNESCO Director-General unveils Sri Aurobindo's statue
Auroville exhibition at UNESCO 2003




May 15th, 2010


Update on Auroville farms:
Buddha Garden
Siddhartha farm
Windarra Farm
Housing updates




May 8th , 2010


Auroville population
AV International 28th meeting report
Botanical Garden new website
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) in Italian




May 1st , 2010


Accessible Auroville Policy announcement
Dr. Karan Singh gets prestigious award
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) in French
Savitri Bhavan May programme
Pitanga Schedule
Arka services
Verite' activities




April 24th, 2010


AV Green Newsletter for Earth day
Guest Service update
Guest Participation new website
AV Admission policy
AV Housing Policy
AV Health Services new website
Children for Sri Aurobindo: two videos




April 17th, 2010


AV Today Magazine new issue
Mobility in Auroville: update
A Lively Community Endeavour
RITAM new issue
Invocation new issue
Concert for Sri Aurobindo: the video




April 10th, 2010


Matrimandir newsletter April 2010
Upasana update
AV green
Anima Mundi youth in Auroville: photo gallery
New pages in Spanish:
Para el visitante
Venir a Auroville
Procedimiento para entrar en el Matrimandir
AVIS Voluntariado






April 3rd , 2010


One Asia 2010
AV travel safe
Sri Aurobindo: "A dictionary of Yoga"
Savitri Bhavan April programme
Verite' Activities
Pitanga program
Arka schedule





March 27th , 2010


Collective Housing
Poonam Architect
Insight seminars on Auroville
Mallika Sarabhai dance video
"Chakravyuha" play: the video

New pages translated into Spanish:
Visitar Auroville
Dónde está Auroville
Para el visitante
Medios de comunicacion
Filmar en Auroville
Escribiendo sobre Auroville




March 20th , 2010


Auroville Today new issue
Auroville introductory tour update
Aikiyam School volunteers
New videos:
Auroville 42nd anniversary dawnfire
"Small steps" children dance
Odissi Dance at Savitri Bhavan
FAQ (Domande frequenti) in Italian language
FAQ (Questions fréquemment posées) in French language





March 13th , 2010


Savitri Bhavan program for the Centenary of Sri Aurobindo's arrival
in Pondicherry
Collaboration for Auroville Area Protection newsletter
Aikiyam school newsletter
Auroville 3rd marathon, the video




March 6th , 2010


Local languages websites on Auroville
Pitanga update
T'ai chi update




February 27th , 2010


Savitri Bhavan programme for March
AVI International Meeting 2010
Litter-free Auroville video
Amphitheatre gathering on Mother's birthday 2010
"Auroville in brief" in French




February 20th , 2010


Savitri Bhavan program update
Auroville Volunteers offers page update
Realization Project new website
Visitors Centre collective photos

New videos on :
Ramli Ibrahim "Surya" dance
Chinese harp
Tibetan prayer
Gayatri Mantra by Nadaka and Gopika

New translations: Matrimandir Access in French
In Italian: FAQ On vision
Guest Service in Italian





February 13th , 2010


To the visitor
Auroville in a nutshell update
Accessible Auroville brochures
Health Centre doctors' scheme
Arka schedule
A new book on Aurovilians: The journeying years
Prarthana new issue (in Tamil)
Litter free night and Trashion show video





February 6th , 2010


AV today magazine, January issue
Matrimandir newsletter
AVI meeting in Orissa first report
Exploring Auroville tour update
Homeopathy: "Harmony" and "Samata"
Litter-free Auroville: the "trashion" show
Tibet contemporary paintings
One-Asia second week program
Tsunamika birthday
Beyond boundaries
Edayanchavadi Adventure playground: the video




January 30th , 2010


AVI Auroville International pages update
Verite' Activities February
Litter-free Auroville day
Udavi School 2009 year-end program part 1
Udavi School 2009 year-end program part 2




January 23rd , 2010


Thamarai Newsletter
One Asia Program update
Annular eclipse on the Matrimandir: a video
Music in Auroville, new videos :
Manipuri dances
Russian flat bells
Sounds in time
Brasilian music
Tamil Folk Gala




January 16th , 2010


The General Director of UNESCO visits Auroville
Meeting of the International Advisory Council
Tibetan Pavilion update
Exploring Auroville tour



January 9th , 2010


Accessible Auroville reports on Bharat Nivas and Savitri Bhavan
Art in numbers 2009
One Asia 2010
Conference in Orissa
Auroville Today December issue
Small scale industry in Auroville: a guide
Tibetan Pavilion end-year video
Amphitheatre New Year sunrise video




January 2nd , 2010


Spirituality beyond religions
Kuyil new issue
AV Guest Service update





December 26th , 2009


Auroville Today latest issue
Children's Art Festival
Savitri Bhavan new programme
T'ai Chi updates




December 19th , 2009


CSR waste water new slide show
Updated LEAP program

Village action website




December 12th , 2009


Matrimandir Newsletter
Auroville population update

AVIS Professional Volunteers

Exhibition at Tibetan Pavilion

Auroville in the press: The National

in the media: Habiter autrement
CSR waste water new video





December 5 th , 2009

Visitors Centre update
Guest Service

Accessible Auroville report

Auroville and mobility

The Charter in Arabic language

"A Dream" in Arabic Language

Roger Harris "Alchemies of the night"

A photo gallery on this year's monsoon

"Introducción a Auroville" in Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions in Spanish

Savitri Bhavan programme update

Pitanga schedule for December

Verite' activities in December






November 28th , 2009

Auroville weekly planner 2010
Savitri Bhavan programme for December

CSR Water





November 14th , 2009

AVI meeting in Orissa
Conference: de l'Architecture et de l'Urbanisme à Auroville





November 7th , 2009

AVI meeting in Berlin 2009





October 31st , 2009

Accessible Auroville

Exhibition on History of Tibet at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture

Savitri Bhavan programme for November

Auroville Today October issue

Pitanga schedule for November




October 24th , 2009

Visiting Auroville page update

Guest Service page update

Asia Unity meeting

Aykiyam School newsletter

Matrimandir calendar 2010

Adil Writer exhibition in Delhi

Visitare Auroville (Italian translation) page update






October 17th , 2009

Auroville calendar 2010

"The play of painting" at the Kindergarten





October 10th , 2009

Socio-economic development

DEW Institute

Internship possibilities

UNESCO appreciation letter

Kindergarten update

Auroville Film Festival results

Repos community update

Poems by Abha





October 3rd , 2009

Matrimandir Newsletter October issue


Ashtanga yoga

Sri Aurobindo statue inaugurated in Paris' UNESCO

WomanPower video

La Ferme

Auroville bus timetable

Verite' activities

AVIS update





September 26th , 2009

Matrimandir access update

Prarthana (Tamil Language "Invocation") magazine n.12

"Collaboration for Auroville area protection" issue n.45

"Vers un avenir lumineux" for UNESCO: a video

Savitri Bhavan programme for October

Pitanga schedule

Global climate wake-up call in Auroville





September 19th , 2009

Auroville Film Festival schedules

Savitri Bhavan programmes update

Sadhana Forest Community

Architects profiles: Buildaur

Outreach Korean pages

Auroville in media: an Italian article on a Swiss paper





September 12th , 2009

Auroville Film Festival

AVIS: Volunteers in Auroville

Dawnfire ceremony 15/8/2009: the video

Poetry by Lloyd





September 5th , 2009

Auroville organization: A challenging process

Auroville population increases

Savitri Bhavan programme for September

Pitanga schedule for September

Outreach press sheets update : Russian





Aug 29th, 2009

Visiting Auroville: update in English and Italian

Tibetan Pavilion activities

Udavi School updates:
Statement of income and expenditure

Auroville Village Action Trust update

September activities in Verite'

Stephanie, Aurovilian painter





Aug 22nd, 2009

Savitri Bhavan August activities update

Dalai Lama in Auroville - the video

SAAMIA: a related site in Arabic language

Martuvam Forest: new website

T'ai Chi India: new website

OutreachMedia updated press sheets in Tamil and Hindi

Auroville Today August issue, including:

Introducing Sri Aurobindo

Georges Van Vrekhem

Sachidananda Mohanty

David Hutchinson

Manoj Das

Cycle-friendly Auroville


Kalyani profile

Wind power for Auroville





Aug 15th, 2009

Matrimandir Newsletter - August 2009
Li Mei

Auroville Riding Center - New website





Aug 8th, 2009

Ritam updated
Savitri Bhavan activities - August

Verite' activities - August



Aug 1st, 2009

Auroville students give presentation on biodiversity in Canada



July 25th, 2009

Aikiyam School
How to join
India Tribune
- media report



July 18th, 2009

AVI meeting 2009, report


July 11th, 2009

Auroville Film Festival 2009
Census - Auroville population


July 4th, 2009

Savitribhavan activities - July 09 Press sheet update 09 Auroville in the media Online Programmes in Applied Integral Studies


June 20th, 2009

Auroville Today, June / July issue including:
Auroville's writers
Auroville International Meeting

Outgoing Working Committee

Windarra Farm

Newcomers get organized


Auroville Archives

Water therapies


June 13 th, 2009

Matrimandir Newsletter new issue
New Creation Bilingual School newsletter

Om Namo Bhagavate video

Auroville Today, May issue
Housing crisis slowly easing
Moving to the centre
Arati III
Matrimandir's Petal chambers

Outreach in Afghanistan

For a wheelchair-friendly city

Earth Day 2009


June 6 th, 2009


AVI meeting in Holland 2009
Kamla Tewari award
"Journey to the City of Dawn" video
Update on emergency: snake bites
Auroville Theatre Group outreach to Thailand





May 30th, 2009


Communications from the Working Cammittee
Savitri Bhavan programme for June
Workshop on sustainability




May 23rd, 2009

Vannakkam Auroville
A new "institutional" video on Auroville

Invocation n.30, new issue




May 16th, 2009


Self-help groups of village women
New Era Secondary School
Update on "AV works in progress" gallery
AV Today April issue, including:
Designing the Matrimandir gardens
International workshop on regional planning
Working outside Auroville
Centre for Scientific research
Making science accessible
Sarasija's mandalas




May 9th, 2009

Auroville population update
Hall of Peace Newsletter
Announcing the Auroville Film Festival
New Momentum on Auroville




May 2nd, 2009

Pitanga schedule for May
Savitri Bhavan programme
A photo gallery: Work in progress in Auroville
Auroville in the medias: "New age citadel" ?






April 25th , 2009

Image gallery on Earth Day 2009
A new proposal for the Matrimandir gardens




April 18th , 2009


Earth Day 2009
New video: Auroville Birth-day 2009
Emergencies: snake bite
Sitelite 22





April 11th , 2009



Matrimandir Newsletter April 2009
Inuksuk: the video

Theatre: A perfect sandcastle

Auroville in the medias: "Retour sur une utopie" DVD

AV Today latest issue
Managing the Auroville economy

Board of services' statement


Mantra pottery


Krishan Myer

Jivatma and Jeremy


Puppet Theatre Koekla







April 4th , 2009

Kailash clinic
Thamarai Newsletter

Auroville in the press: Solar future

Emergencies: how to care dog bites

New Videos online:

Remembering Mother's birthday on Feb.21, 2009

Nandanam kindergarten

Pyramids - Last School






March 28th , 2009

Savitri Bhavan Programme for April
Pitanga schedule for April

Emergency addresses

Essential services

Regular events

A poem by Nikolai




March 21st , 2009

Sustainable regions - Cooperative planning
Sitelite 20
Sitelite 21




March 14th , 2009

Mohanam cultural centre activities
Mohanam purpose and vision

Marutham centre in Alankuppam

Auroville in the international media

Internal economy update




March 7th , 2009

News & Notes No. 285 of March 7th , 2009
Poetry night in the amphitheatre

Inuksuk for the Pavilion of Canada

Inauguration of the Inuksuk

Savitri Bhavan programme for March

Auroville in the international media

Interview with "Spirulina" Hendrik

AV Today February issue
Dalai Lama interview

Claude Arpi

Julian Lines

Auroville library





February 28th , 2009

News & Notes No. 284 of February 28th, 2009
Matrimandir newsletter February 2009

Pitanga schedule for March

Verite' activities for March

Lloyds poetry

AVI International Meeting 2009 in Holland

Exploring Auroville with Ambre

Video of the Auroville marathon 2009

Workshop on Sustainable Future

Prarthana Newsletter (in Tamil)




February 21st , 2009

News & Notes No. 283 of February 21st, 2009
Savitri Bhavan updates

Summary of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Auroville

AVAT (Auroville Village Action Trust) annual report

AV Today index





February 14th , 2009

News & Notes No. 282 of February 14th, 2009
Savitri Bhavan updates

New Creation Bilingual School newsletter

"Imagination tree" in Thamarai

Translations in Korean language






February 7th , 2009

News & Notes No. 281 of February 7th, 2009
OutreachMedia NEW

Brochures on Auroville

Savitri Bhavan activities update

Activities in Verite'

Land Fund newsletter

AVToday new issue

Child protection in the AV area

Canyons of Auroville

Annapurna farm

The forest as a living being





January 31st , 2009

News & Notes No. 280 of January 31st, 2009
The visit of H H The Dalai Lama

New International Advisory Council

Savitri Bhavan programme for February

Pitanga activities schedule for February





January 24th , 2009

News & Notes No. 279 of January 24th, 2009
Photo album of the visit of HH the Dalai Lama

Annapurna Times

Sitelite new




January 17th , 2009

News & Notes No. 278 of January 17th, 2009
Savitri Bhavan programme update

"Joy of creation" at Kala Kendra

Auroville population update





January 10th , 2009

News & Notes No: 277 of January 10th, 2009
Tibetan Pavilion new photos

The King Stag

A video by Emanuele

A video by Nadaka

Update in the video section

AV Today new issue, including:
The village of Nadukuppam

The work of Palmyra

AV Coastal Area Development

Aranya, a forest sanctuary

Nepali watchmen in Auroville

Weltwärts programme





January 3rd , 2009

News & Notes No: 276 of January 3rd, 2009
"Evolve" from AVI U.S.A.

Thamarai new website

Visiting Matrimandir (Italian translation)

Update in the video section






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